10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 02.03.2011 — Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta, Zack Ryder

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1. I’m strangely infatuated with Zack Ryder and Primo as a team. They’ve done more on Superstars than they’ve done on Raw by a lightyear. I enjoy them on the mic, I enjoy them in the ring…it’s just entertaining as a whole. Normally I’d complain about their banishment to Superstars, but hell, I’m loving it.

2. Speaking of which, Superstars has done a great job in recent months of incorporating storylines into their show. I liked the “Variety Show” aspect, but it gets old fast. I almost look forward to each week, wondering what the regulars are going to be up to next.

3. Primo and Zack were loaded with personality during this match, but DH and Yoshi came off a little bland. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, but they seemed to lack energy and heart, and it was blatant. Not the best showing for these two, although they pulled it together a bit for the finish.

4. Well, the preview for Triple H’s movie is out. Could it have been any longer? It looks atrocious, and not “funny bad” like Wrong Side Of Town, but “actually bad” like The Marine. Trips can actually be pretty funny with the right material…so what the hell happened?

5. I never saw Melina’s heel turn, but I hope she knows that she needs more than a “stank face” to portray that she’s been a very bad girl. She looks like the hot cheerleader you put as the lead in a play just because you want to fill the auditorium. Please stick to leg extensions, babe.

6. Raw Recap: The whole Raw Rumble was a total joke. I’m still scratching my head on Lawler winning.

7. They keep throwing JTG into matches just for good measure. I’m not sure I understand it, as it kind of drags everything down. Hawkins and Reks are so dominant, and I’m finally aboard the Trent-Train. But JTG just didn’t fit. I would have liked to see Masters instead. With the Hawkins/Barreta tension, he could have mirrored Reks’s strength.

8. Taste of Pain, from Hawkins to Barreta…and Barreta kicks out. ‘Nuff said, I think these two are ready for a real match on Smackdown. Another great spot from Hawkins…the Heat-Seeking Elbow. Who has the better elbow drop; Curt Hawkins or Dom Vitalli of EXW?

9. And, Tyler Reks attacks Curt Hawkins once the bell rings. It was just enough to end the show on a high note for me.

10. Random Thought of the Week: Not so much a thought, as a question. What did everyone think of Alberto del Rio winning the Rumble? Discuss.

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