New Opponent Being Discussed for Undertaker’s WrestleMania Match

From Mike Johnson at PWInsider –

“Over the last several days, there has been movement towards The Undertaker vs. Triple H being one of the headline matches at Wrestlemania 27 with the theme being Streak vs. Career. The idea being pitched would see Shawn Michaels, who’s career the Undertaker ended last year, being in the role of the guest referee.

Wrestlemania 27 would also be the ten year anniversary of Undertaker defeating Triple H at Mania 17 in Houston, Texas, plus they have the storyline of HHH trying to avenge the end of Michaels’ career.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk that Undertaker’s shoulder would not be up to the level of a major Wrestlemania performance. I am told that he’s pretty much assured the company that he will be good to go come Wrestlemania and they are taking him at his word.

The change in direction, should it go through, also somewhat explains the baffling way Sheamus was used this past Monday. So, stay tuned.

There was also talk in the last few days that Bob Barker would have a pretty big role at Wrestlemania since the company absolutely loved him the last time he worked with them.”

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Source: PWInsider