10 Thoughts on WWE RAW 02.14.2011 – The Rock Returns as the Host!, Cena/Punk, Orton/Sheamus, and Bryan/Miz

Welcome to the 10 Thoughts and I’m sorry for the lateness of these thoughts, but I got caught up doing double duty.  So no more jockeying around… here are my 10 thoughts on WWE RAW!

1.  Three stellar matches are announced as the six men in the Elimination Chamber are set to collide.  The opening match opens up right where last week ended with CM Punk v John Cena.  This match was a great match and the ending was great because not only did it keep CM Punk’s momentum, but it also didn’t take anything away from Cena to lose by being hit in the head with that object.  Not to mention the sliding the steel chair across the ring was ingenious because it distracted the ref.

2.  So Jerry’s mother died and he won’t be on the show.  That’s pretty sad and my prayers go out to him and the Lawler family.  On the flip side, the feud didn’t lose any steam on this show and was still advertised fairly well.

3.  The interraction between Edge, Alberto Del Rio, and Vickie was highly informative for just a quick scene.  The Edge/Del Rio feud continues, the Spear is recognized as deadly again, Vickie announces Dolph as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, announces a World Heavyweight Corronation on SmackDown!, andddd that there is ‘proof’ that Edge is the one who attacked Teddy Long.  Great segment.

4.  The 2.21.11 segments continue and if it’s not The Undertaker then it could be Amazing Kong, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, or even Hulk Hogan because these vignettes showed the Deadman is all his dark and gloominess.  Sorry Sting fans.

5.  The Divas match was decent this week and I was surprised that more didn’t come of it.  With all of the backstage battle royals between the divas, does that mean that we will get a Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania?

6.  Sheamus looked good tonight.  When he took out Mark, it made him look dangerous and it wouldn’t shock me if that’s who fought the Deadman at Mania.

7.  The Miz/ Daniel Bryan match was phenomenal and it really made both men look good.  This was easily the match of the night.  Taking the Beniot approach with Bryan is a smart move.  Letting him wrestler and not worry about being charismatic.  With the win it made Miz look like a ruthless champion and Bryan looked like someone who should be at the top of the WWE ladder.

8.  Changing the JoMo/Truth match into a tag instead of one-on-one is a better choice.  No one really wanted to see another friendly face match so soon after the Eve/Natalya match.  Plus R-Truth would only make JoMo look bad.

8a.  JoMo going crazy was awesome to me and looked REALLY convincing.  He look seriously pissed off.  I was scared for the Nexus’ life. Glad to see this side of John Morrison.

9.  I was surprised at the Sheamus/Orton match as I didn’t have much of an expectation for it and it was the second best match of the night only slightly behind Bryan/Miz.  With the way the match ended, the RKO looked like more of a knockout blow than ever.

9a.  The aftermath of the match was done well as it seemed to be the whole Nexus against everyone else in the Chamber on Sunday.  Cena and Orton got their revenge on the group and will get the momentum going into the Elimination Chamber.

10.  I don’t know what was the deal with the heels getting out of the limousine, but it was a good swerve that made me start questioning who the Host would be.

10a.  Seeing The Rock was awesome.  I marked hard when I heard that theme song, and when he said FINALLY.  Ooh ooh and when he said he’ll turn that computer sideways, and said he didn’t care what Cole thought.  The Rock totally wrecked John Cena with the whole “You Can’t See Me” skit and calling him a big bowl of fruit loops. Man… I have MISSED The Rock. 

Great show tonight!  Hope you tuned in to see it.

And quite frankly my dear… thats a wrap.

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