Lights Out – Episode 1-6 Review

Going back to the idea I proposed a week or two ago, Lights is headed down one path and refuses to see other facts. The final scene of “Combination,” Lights adjusting his line of sight to see one image instead of two, after ignoring the problem for most of the episode, is how Lights envisions he’ll solve his problems. Eventually, all his problems will line up and just like that they’ll be taken care of.

As far as action goes, Lights Out hasn’t had that many fights, and I’m guessing certain people are disappointed. On the other hand, I think it’s fascinating to watch all the machinations behind the scene. Even though I expected a degree of violence and illegal behavior (especially after the beating at the end of the pilot), I’m fine where Lights Out is through six episodes.

I’ve mostly been positive about Theresa, but from my perspective, she was unpleasant in the episode. I can understand why she doesn’t want her husband to fight, but how about some leeway. They have no money and Lights will get plenty of money for the fight, further financing her

Score: 8.8/10