(Saturday) Wednesday Evening Post 02.23.2011: Thoughts on Pulse Wrestling Writers

The Top 3 of 6

Hey there, it’s FLEA and don’t fool yourself that it is not a Saturday. I thought the time would be right to weigh in on couple of items…plagiarism of others writer’s work always seems to be a good stepping stone

Let’s see what is happening around Pulse Land – I plan to pick a few random writers, some I know, others are new to me…

For a quick intro, I’m FLEA and I have been around these parts on and off for about 10 years now. We certainly do have a new crop of writers that most likely came in at the end of the attitude era and have great opinions on the current product, for good or ill.

You work with what you gots – so don;t take it as a slight if I critique yer work. After all, in the glory days of the IWC, I was judge and jury. Bonus points to anyone that remembers the IWC 100, where it was spelled out on what it takes to write a good column, one that resonates with the reader.

Of course that was before the day various You Tube and other technological advances could make up for a lack of 2000-3000 words…but who has the time to sit thought that – hell, back then, people were employed and could waste time at work reading…now, jobless, most folks enjoy the quickie versions, if only to get back to their own misery of making an unemployment check stretch

So we will try this out. I’m going to find 6 columns and give 3 opinions / critiques of the style, content and opinion. Easier that re-inventing the wheel

Come on, let’s go!


Rhett Davis – Rhett Davis is a high school student living in the South. He is going to college to be an engineer. He started writing on 1/19/11.

The O’Really Report: The Mystery of the Raw General Manager

Welcome to the club, Mr. Davis. Not a bad topic, but lazy. Any kind of list column is boring, although you do make good points

1) Good opener, detailing the history of the GM, but I think only listing who it should be or could be is being random for the purpose of being random – does MM or Widro have a deadline set for you? I would have taken just one your selections, making a strong argument in a column, instead of a couple of vague thoughts

2) Rotten Closer – I get yer point re: MRS COLE, but even in jest, they’ve been questioning MC’s manhood for years and the last thing we need is a another real wife in wrestling – it either ends in death or divorce.

I’ve always favored JR, but there are so many holes in this, they would be impossible to fill. Not that anyone questions logic, only results, but as you can see with the heat coming from Punk and Orton, continuity brings it to another level, as opposed to why the Anon GM would do what has been done. Just keep the damn Anon GM. It gets heat and doesn’t require logic, just Pavlovian results from the audience

3) Good job with the plugs at the bottom. That’s always the sign of a team player. God knows I’ve given enough. And it Helps ME to move to the next few columns seamlessly


Ah shit – everyone does Top 10’s. MM was trying to rope me into that, but…nevermind, I hate lists. But that will not effect my judgment anymore than Widro’s dope habit effects the layout and color of the site

Rhett Davis – Rhett Davis is a high school student living in the South. He is going to college to be an engineer. He started writing on 1/19/11.

10 Thoughts on WWE RAW 02.21.2011 – The Undertaker/Triple H Return

Way to plug yerself from the previous column, Mr. Davis. I have nothing against that; but you are now almost forcing me to make formatting changes so it doesn’t look like I’m performing fellatio or singling you out

1) You need to put more work into this. The Title is “10 Thoughts”, not 10 Random Musings. Random Musings are used for full columns, or TV reports when you are killing time in dead spots

2) Your point re: Punk and Orton is off to a good start…you should have given that about 500 words instead of “intense”. 500 poorly written words eventually allows you to condense to a quality sentence or two. I’m afraid starting of with all these 10 thoughts from writers is reflecting poorly on the quality of columns around Pulse. And I am right

3) Again, the comment re: the Big Show DVD is short-sighted and off the mark. They will promote the hell out of this, Big Show is entertaining and it will be a damn fine DVD set. Provide reasons why it will fail and you would open up a different style that I think will work well for you in the future

Moving right along


Pulse Glazer is a Senior Editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus. Follow him on twitter right here for all the updated news and columns.

Tuesday Morning Backlash: WWE Monday Night Raw 2/21/11 Review

Didn’t think I would forget about you did you?

1) The use of video. I’m jealous – back in my day when I had to walk down the street backwards both ways for only ONE flavor of vodka, we had to recap the action. This is much more effective. Lazy, but effective

2) Like Top 10 lists, your WM rundown needs more thoughts / comments. I disagree with the Edge / Del Rio statements. Edge is going to have to carry that match, and he will, as Del Rio is just not very good at WWE matches. Hey, I know who he is (or used to be), but he just looks clunky working this style. Edge can do that and I expect a good match, but not because of Del Rio

UT and HHH will not be fast paced. Jesus.

What they should do is NOT let Lawler have a WM match (per Anon GM) and let him stew for another year. Build to a Miz / Lawler match next year, which means keep the title on Miz for a year, which I’m all for, which allows Cole and Miz rub it in his face for another year, which means this will never happen. But damn would that mean real money. I could write this one, but who is still listening?

3) Plugs some other writers in your closer. That should going without saying


Pulse Glazer is a Senior Editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus. Follow him on twitter right here for all the updated news and columns.

TNA Guarantees Most Shocking Moment of the Year for Live 2/24 Impact

1) HEY EVERYONE IN CHARGE…let’s quit being LOP or 411.

2) If TNA wants to press release and other sites pick up on it, so be it.

3) If we are going to post headlines like this, get a someone to do at least a thousand words on what this means, or lack thereof


A sleek, smooth, and stunningly handsome gentleman who loves his caffeinated beverages as much as his ‘rasslin’, Jonah Kue is a recent Broadcasting and Cinema graduate who dabbles in the creative arts for a living. He writes the weekly column, Kue’s Korner, for the popular website, Inside Pulse.

Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 02.22.2011

1) I give you full credit on caring enough to do NXT at this point. However, if you are going to take the time, go full out. For reference, go find my Excess Reports from 2001-2002. What a show and – we’ll leave it at that. I also had to do the same thing with early NWATNA when no one watched – point being, people can be captivated by a column that goes in depth for a show they’ll never watch. Add some fun

2) You have to AT LEAST PLUG YOURSELF. Come on, guys and gals. Only way I knew from Kue’s Korner was your bio

3) And then I get to Kue’s Korner – P.U. I know I mentioned earlier my jealously for vids, but if everyone is doing it then why even bother? Just turn this site over to You Tube. Put us right up there with shamed baby poses and the tiger that jumps into the truck with a Nigerian who was asking for it. I like your style. Write more


Jonathan Widro is the owner and founder of Inside Pulse. Over a decade ago he burst onto the scene with a pro-WCW reporting style that earned him the nickname WCWidro. Now in 2010, Widro writes for nearly every Inside Pulse Zone (in addition to designing, coding and managing the whole site as well), most notably Wrestling, Video Games, TV and Music. Check him out on Twitter for mostly inane non sequiturs

Mango PPV Rewind (Various Shows)

1) Why am I not invited

2) Why am I not invited

3) Me and the BOSS have a long history, I’m sure he had his reasons. They are unsatisfactory, but I’m sure some will be worked out in the way of an RSVP.

For now, I’m FLEA. You can email me at ryderfakin@yahoo.com. More of this coming soon…

Thanks for reading


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