Spoiler Warnings: Who Joins The Fight Against Max Lord In Power Girl #21 By Judd Winick?

None other than the God Damn Batman himself, Bruce Wayne! We found out not too long ago that Bruce was unaffected by Max’s manipulation, due to not being in the present at the time of the mass mindwiping, and in this issue it finally came up as a plot point.

Power Girl, after the events of last issue and her fight against the JLI, isn’t going to be forgetting Max anytime soon. Her memory is back, and it’s going no where, and her first stop was to see Batman. Batman being Dick Grayson, who has been appearing quite often in the pages of this title and has come close to remembering on several occasions. Peeg spends the better part of half an hour trying to convince him, and even brings Ted Kord’s corpse with her for him to autopsy to prove that it was a murder. Dick refuses as much as possible, but Bruce arrives and makes him do it.

After several pages of suggesting the most ridiculously unlikely outcomes, Dick finally accepts that Max is real, and then Bruce and Peeg leave to go join up with the JLI and help bring Max down.

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