Charlie Sheen On 20/20 Interview Transcript: Charlie Sheen Confirms He Will Sue Two And A Half Men

The much publicized interview with Charlie Sheen aired on 20/20 tonight and on it, Sheen confirmed his angst with Two & A Half Men.

After eight successful seasons, Sheen says he wasn’t feeling love from Chuck Lorre or the CBS executives on the stage of the show.

“It’s all about judgment. No real gratitude. They are not welcome to be in the presence of what I am delivering,” Sheen said. “They need to say wow, look what this guy’s (referring to himself) doing for all of us.”

Sheen did admit that he was disappointed at how things went down with the show and said that it might just be a question of perception

“I was actually disappointed because I think the mistakes I made is that people misinterpret my passion for anger,” Sheen said in the interview.

When asked if he wanted the show back next season (which is costing approximately a quarter of a billion dollars to put on hiatus), the actor responded with an emphatic “absolutely man.” The actor also said that he would apologize to Chuck Lorre but not for the reasons you might think.

“I would say, I am sorry if I offended you,” Sheen said. I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”

His regret didn’t mean that Sheen is not considering filing a lawsuit as he claimed the show’s producers “had strapped on their diapers” and “are in breach.” Sheen said that he is being forced to sue as he has a whole family to support.

“I am here to collect. They are going to lose in a courtroom. Do an out of court settlement,” he said. He said that while he wasn’t sure if he and Lorre could work together again, he also ‘didn’t expect such a radical reaction’ and told the show to get their ‘egos off the battlefield.’

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