Year Of The X-Men: Mike Carey Talks His Legacy….X-Men: Legacy

Two weeks of X-Men talk is never a bad thing.

So far this week we’ve found out about DnA taking over New Mutants, Rick Remender taking his Uncanny X-Force to the Age of Apocalypse, but now it’s time for Mike Carey to talk about what’s going to be going on in X-Men: Legacy once the Age of X is over and explain his teaser.. And for starters, the book, while still keeping on Rogue as a central character, Carey had this to say; “You’ve now seen the teaser poster for issue #250, which gives a strong hint that the book is going back to what it was before the Legacy suffix was added on. It’s going to be at least partially a team book.”

The initial cast seems to be made up of Rogue, Magneto, Professor X, Gambit, Frenzy, and Legion. To call this an original cast is to completely undersell it. He also talked about the fallout Age of X will have on the book; “It’s not something that just ends with the arc. There is fallout, repercussions for both individual characters and the book.” This just further cements what I was thinking about this being an big Legacy story, as opposed to an X-Men event. Reprecussions will be felt in the first few story arcs of Legacy post-AoX, as well as over in New Mutants.

And on the note of villains? “Quite a rogue’s gallery of villains, and they’re all completely new.”, says the writer who previously created the Children of the Vault for this title. The lead of his new villains is going to be called “Stix”.

Carey plans to play up the team dynamic, something he hasn’t used since the book turned into Legacy after Messiah Complex, and espcially interactions like Xavier and his Legion, or the awkward love triangle of Rogue, Magneto, and Gambit.

Carey and editor Nick Lowe always both confirm that just because the book is taking on a team atmosphere again does not mean that the former New X-Men characters who have been appearing will be vanishing either. And considering how much I loved that book that’s good news to me.

Oh, and to cap it off, we’ve been promised more followup on the Death aspect of Gambit’s personality, which I’m looking forward to.

Carey has been writing this book for going on five years now, and there’s no end in sight. It’s one of the most consistent X-titles on the stands, and it’s been a very refreshing take. With no end in sight, he could very well leave his mark as one of the longest lasting creators on an X-title….he’s currently the biggest ‘veteran’ they have writing in the group.

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