American Idol 2011 – Top 24 Wildcard Second Chance Performances Review

With the top ten chosen, it was time for the judges to select who would be singing for a chance at a wild card spot. Three girls and three guys got to sing.

Ashthon Jones- And I Am Telling You
Ashthon is a good singer, but she’s no Jennifer Hudson. It was a fine performance, but as far as divas in American Idol history go? She wouldn’t even make the top ten.

Stefano Langone – I Need You Now
Yes! They picked the smiley munchkin to sing. I didn’t know the song he performed, but I thought he performed it wonderfully. He gilded the lily of his own passion…or something. I want this kid in the finals, and frankly I’m shocked America didn’t vote him through.

Kendra Chantelle – Georgia On My Mind
I wasn’t thrilled that the judges selected Kendra to sing while Naima and Lauren remained on the stools, and her performance was underwhelming. The opening was brutal, and the chorus was alright. It doesn’t matter if you hit a couple big notes if you miss every other one. 

Jovanny Baretto – Angel
I wouldn’t have chosen Jovanny to sing for a wild card spot, and I thought his Spanish singing was a contrived attempt to win over Jennifer’s vote. Jovanny can sing OK, but I find him generic and unmemorable as a performer. 

Naima Adedapo – For All We Know
I like Naima, but I really wanted Lauren to get a second chance. Naima sang well, and of the three girls who performed I think she’s the most interesting. I wasn’t blown away by any of them, but I’d choose her to go through.

Robbie Rosen – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Honestly, I was floored that the judges didn’t give my little redheaded buddy a second chance. The audience was screaming for Brett! Robbie would make a good wedding, sweet sixteen and bar mitzvah singer, but he’s not good enough for American Idol.

Out of this group, I thought it would be criminal not to put Stefano through. After the debut of Jennifer Lopez’s new video (with the super weird looking Pitbull), we got to the results. First through? Ashthon. Surprising. Next was Stefano. (!!!) The last finalist was Naima, and all was right in the Idolverse. Overall, I’m satisfied. I wanted to see Lauren and Brett make it in, or at least get a chance at a wild card slot, but things could have turned out much worse. I’m looking forward to what happens next, and I’m a fan of this new format. What did you think of the show? Are your favorites in?