Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 03.03.2011 – R-Truth, William Regal, Chris Masters

R-Truth vs. William Regal
Truth tries to start off quick but Regal quickly uses his grappling abilities to take control and slow things down until R-Truth is able to counter. Truth does some sort of dancing gyrating, crotch-thrusting thing that makes me roll my eyes. Regal shows off all the tiny moves that adds to his heel disposition. Sure he’s slowing down and getting older but it’s the little things that show off just how good he is. R-Truth lands a single counter and gets the pin. Wow, Regal put in a lot of effort to lose. I have a question: how come anytime anyone does some sort of rapping (Cena, R-Truth, etc.) or dancing, the camera has to be sideways? Is this the only way people can understand any sort of urban rhythm on television?

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Zack Ryder & Primo
Santino starts off with his serious face (beard included) against Primo and just when you thought he would be serious, he starts bumbling around and Primo takes over. That is, until Primo cowers away from the Cobra and tags Ryder in who easily takes over Santino. Santino makes a quick counter before tagging in Kozlov who corners Ryder. Kozlov tags Santino back in and is thrown into the stomach of Ryder and retags Kozlov. Can I just say that my favorite thing in the world is when Kozlov locks arms with his opponents and headbutts them in the chest? It looks like he’s actually doing some damage. Ryder then gets a kick to the chest the sends him out of the ring with Primo soon to follow into a commercial break.
We return to Kozlov originally in a headlock but that doesn’t last long as he starts throwing Primo around who manages to escape and tags Ryder. The Long Island Iced Z (Dear God do I hate that nickname) takes his liberties with Kozlov and drops a neckbreaker before tagging in Primo. Santino and Ryder are tagged in and Santino pulls off his series moves and pins Ryder for a two count before Primo interrupts the count. Kozlov disposes of Primo and then gets disposed by Ryder who then tries to take over but Santino counters with a split and sets up with a Cobra. It connects and gets the pin.

We now relive the Shawn Michaels interview from last Monday night about the HHH and Undertaker match. I still think Michaels is going to interject himself into this match somehow. I’m not saying he’ll get in the ring and fight but he’s got to do something.

Chris Masters vs. Kurt Hawkins
I’m thinking this should be quick seeing as how Masters is riding a wave of momentum. Hawkins comes out quick but Masters isn’t having it and powers his way with Hawkins. Hawkins manages to trip up Masters and takes over from there. Masters then powers out of a sleeper hold. He lands a flying shoulder but only gets a two count. Hawkins attempts to fight back but the Masterlock is put in place and its ragdoll time to get the win. A caveman appears (Tyler Reks) and uses revenge…its super effective.

Can Masters finally get some sort of legit push? Maybe I’ll talk about that in the next Rager…wink.

More reliving time, only this time it’s the war of words (and just as I say that, the faceless commentator man uses it the same phrase) betwixt Cena and Rock. We get to rewatch Rocks retaliation. The only thing I don’t like about this is Rock is trying to be too sentimental and pull off Cena-like inspiration and its not really him. I like it more when he just makes fun of people.

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