House – Episode 7-15 Review

Up until the end, “Bombshells” is a horrid episode and I was ready to give it 4.0/10 (my scores are totally arbitrary so it doesn’t really matter). There are pointless, silly dream sequence, although the Two and a Half Men spoof is very relevant. The episode begins with Cuddy possibly having cancer before we learn she’s perfectly fine, and worst of all, after everyone doubts him, House comes through in the end to be by Cuddy’s side.

But then the ending comes around and defies every expectation. Cuddy breaks up with House! And not only that, House is back on Vicodin! With this move the writers have reversed course on the relationship, one of the most boring things about this season, and will hopefully follow this path.

Even though the ending was great, that still doesn’t mean “Bombshells” is a good episode. 95% of it is awful and the patient stuff isn’t that engaging, with a tiny bit of Taub relating to the kid, but the final twist does lead the show in a good direction.

Score: 8.0/10