Mr. Sunshine – Episode 1-5 Review

Except for third episode where Heather’s sister dates Ben, Mr. Sunshine has largely been weird for weird’s sake. It’s a funny show, in my opinion, with the weirdness providing some laughs, but the emotional core to offset all the unreal events is still very shaky. “Crystal on Ice” tries to push for Crystal’s backstory, and it works to an extent. We understand the pathology behind her hatred for the ice Smurfs and why she doesn’t care about Roman, but Crystal is still crazy to the point where her normal behavior makes little sense.

I still don’t understand why Alice and Alonzo aren’t more involved. It’s like they’re in their own universe each week. Alice talks to Ben twice in the episode about how perfect Alonzo is, but the plot is ultimately just about how Alonzo isn’t perfect, without exploring anything about Alonzo’s ex-wife, and the two have nothing to do with Crystal or Roman.

Roman magically becoming an accounting genius was bizarre, but it finally makes him a useful character rather than a bumbling fool. Hopefully the writers don’t do a comedy reset and forget all about this.

Score: 8.5/10