Shelton Benjamin to Return to WWE, JR on Stone Cold, and More WWE on Twitter

JR wrote on his twitter: “Raw’s highest rated tv seg was @steveaustinBSR/Cole/JBL w/ 4.4M households tuned in which was a 4.4 rtg. SCSA still kicks ass. Stole show.”
Joey Styles wrote: “I just interviewed @IAmJericho about Dancing With The Stars for next week. Jericho had some very pointed words for @MikeTheMiz. OMG!”

William Regal wrote: “Just finished my announcing debut on NXT.It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I have a long way to go.”

Shelton Benjamin wrote: “just got home from a completely unexpected day. Got to see some friends i haven’t seen in awhile. The WWE FANS. for now all i can say is i may or may not be returning to wwe, but tonight was a good time.”

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