Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 03.10.2011 – Chris Masters, Tyson Kidd, Tyler Reks

Let it be known that I roll my eyes every time the lyrics of the opening song gets to the “what you can’t see” part and we see Cena shaking his hand infront of his face. Anyways, welcome to the WWE Superstars Recap, lets get to it.

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks
We get to revisit the rivalry between these two men thats been going pretty strong over the past month. Hot off the bell, Masters gets down to business quickly. He fails to connect the Masterlock as Reks escapes out of the ring. Reks re-enters and starts taking control of the match until Masters counters in the corner and then lands a flying shoulder. Masters manages to clothesline Reks out of the ring and fights on out on the apron until Reks pushes Masters into a ringpost and we go to a commercial.
We return to Reks having Masters in a single-legged Boston Crab but Masters manages to reach the ropes. Masters tries to crawl away but Reks lands a Back-breaker. Reks maintains control before Masters counters into a Samoan Drop and Masters gains some momentum. Masters hits an impressive spine-buster but only manages to get a two count out of it. The announcer guy (the anonymous-looking one thats not Matt Stryker) calls Tyler “T-Rex” and I roll my eyes once again. Reks takes advantage and lands a face plant but only gets a two count. Rex sets up for the Burning Hammer but Masters lands a few hits to the head and escapes. He locks in a modified sleeper before attempting the Masterlock. T-Reks goes all limp and Masters wins yet again.

Time to relive the madness of Monday Night Raw and Michael Cole’s announcement/screw-over by Stone Cold. I would still love to see JBL involved in some manner, which I can imagine he would be. He wouldn’t come back just so he could be a fake-out on Raw. But then again, its WWE.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Zack Ryder
Both men are joined at the ring by their counter-parts, Santino and Primo. Kozlov takes control as the commentators promote Ryder’s apparent Youtube show. Ryder gets thrown around the ring quite a bit and then eventually gets thrown out of it. I’m giddy right now so that only means one thing, Kozlov lands his head-butts to the chest of Ryder. Primo tries to interfere but Santino takes care of that little problem but all the nonsense distracts Kozlov as Ryder catches him off guard and gets the pin. Ryder wins

We get a replay of the 2nd part of Shawn Michaels’ interview. I suppose this is the reason the last match was so short.

Time to do some more reliving. This time its the Cena/Rock/Miz war of words. I’d give you my reaction to this but I did so in my previous column “The Rager” which you should check out when you get a chance. Yes that was a shameless plug and No, I’m not sorry for it and I will probably do it again.

The Great Khali, Mark Henry and Natalya vs. William Regal, Tyson Kidd and Melina
Natalya and Melina start off and I try to pay attention but the shrills and shrieks cause me to lose concept of what’s happening in reality and time. Tyson Kidd tags himself in and shoos away Melina and does the same to Natalya who responds by tagging Mark Henry. Kidd cowers away and tags Regal, who is quickly taken down by Henry. Henry tags Khali, who chops Regal. Regal gathers himself enough to take out the leg of Khali. Regal gets a few shots in and backs away into his corner to set up for a move but Kidd tags himself back in. Kidd slaps Khali but that only angers the big guy. Kidd tries to cower again but Regal and Melina refuses to be tagged. Kidd tries to shake Khali’s hand but ends up getting a chop to the head and a Punjabi Plunge. Khali gets the pin and his team wins.
After the match, Mark Henry wants some action and lands a big splash on Kidd and then Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter to her old friend. The team leaves the ring and Regal decides to join the festivities and lock in the Regal Stretch on Kidd. Melina gets the final say by slapping Kidd. Geez, who’s car did Kidd scratch?

This was fun as always, see you next week!