Rumor: Route 666 and Mystic Next Crossgen Books to Return

Mystic to return according to Bleeding Cool News

Recently writer G.Willow Wilson (Air, Superman) tweeted;

Psst! Secret Project to be announced at C2E2! Pay attention at the Marvel panels…

Bleeding Cool understands that this may well be a new project by Wilson and Fallen Angel co-creator artist David Lopez, Mystic, a revival of the CrossGen title, to accompany the currently-published-by-Marvel Sigil and Ruse.

How do we understand this? Simple. It’s on Amazon already.

The original Mystic created by Ron Marz, Brandon Peterson and John Dell was one of the first CrossGen books set in a world of magic and sorcery and the power struggles therein, running for four years.

As to what this Mystic will be about – well for that you’ll have to wait until C2E2 in a couple of weeks.

Skitch Commentary: I don’t know Wilson’s work, but I loved Lopez on Fallen Angel. He would be perfect for a Mystic relaunch!

Bleeding Cool says Route 666 will return

He may have just been hired to rework the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical but Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is keeping with the comics.

He and artist Peter Nguyen (Secret Six) will be reviving one of CrossGen’s later titles, Route 666, possibly to be announced at C2E2 alongside the new Mystic.

Created by Marc Alessi and Gina M Villa, but written by Tony Bedard and drawn by Karl Moline, Route 666 was CrossGen’s forst foray into horror in a country that resembled fifties America, with Cassie, a woman who could see the dead, being pursued by supernatural and human agents, framed for murders she didn’t commit. It ran two years from 2002 to 2004.

Skitch Commentary: Sacasa is a great choice to bring back Route 666, one of my all time favorite comics. I really hope these rumors are true!


Source: Bleeding Cool News