Stargate Universe – Episode 2-12 Review

I rarely have good things to say about an entire episode of Stargate Universe, but I’ll give credit where credit is due: I like like “Twin Destinies.” It doesn’t try to be too ambitious, remaining largely self-contained and doesn’t have huge teases which don’t pay off.

The episode takes off when Eli has a plan to dial back to Earth and the calculations work out. Normally, this would be stupid because we know the crew won’t get back home at the end of the episode. But the writers acknowledge this and instead introduce another problem which scuffles plans to dial Earth. There’s a duplicate Rush from the future who knows everything will go badly.

What results is an interesting take on what happened in the other Rush’s futures–a number of crewmembers, mostly the main characters, choosing to remain behind to take the quest of the Ancients. In addition, the crew salvages stuff from the other ship, solving their ship problems, and the other Rush accidentally kills Telford after an argument (though the other version of Telford still exists on Earth). However, he sits in the Ancient chair, so he may still be floating around in the cosmos.

One that jumped out was that I found parts of the episode actually funny. We’ve seen jokes about clones talking and working together before, but the scenes with the two Rush’s got me nontheless.

Score: 8.8/10