10 Thoughts on WWE (John Cena, Triple H, Edge, The Miz)

We’re only 2 weeks away from WrestleMania and it certainly feels like it with all the hype for the event. Here are the 10 Thoughts for this week in the WWE:

1. Kane and Wade Barrett squared off against each other, which quickly ended in a disqualification when The Corre interfered. Afterwards they had a tag team match between Kane and the Big Show going against Wade Barrett and Heath Slater. This match ALSO ended in a disqualification when The Corre interfered again. What’s the deal here? Have one match end in a disqualification only for another match to end the same way? That’s just a bit ridiculous.

2. Michael Cole’s interview with John Cena wasn’t bad but it also was not the greatest either. For weeks now, it’s seemed like Cena hasn’t taken The Miz seriously in his promos. This promo came across as a bit more serious than the others. The only downside to it may have been how easily he got a hold of Jack Swagger after the sneak attack.

3. Triple H made up for his promo on Raw a couple weeks ago with this fantastic promo on Smackdown. It was interesting to see him talk about how emotion would not play a role in his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The hype for this match thus far has been incredible and I can’t see this match disappointing any fans (excluding die hard HHH fans) at WrestleMania

4. Edge/Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio/Brodus Clay was a fun match to watch, especially for fans of E & C back in the day. They were one of the most dominant and charismatic tag teams 10 years ago and it was fantastic seeing them back in the ring together. Like last weeks finish, Edge finished off the match with a different move. Instead of the Spear or the Edgecutor, Edge did an Elbow Drop off the top rope to end this bout.

5. The Rock opened up Raw with a taped vignette from his house. This was almost a dream come true for Cena haters when Rock brought out the little kid and said Cena only gains the attention of children 2-5 years old. After The Rock bashed Cena, he talked about The Miz and how the time for talking was over. The show had only been on for 5 minutes and this promo made you want to know what was going to happen next week on Raw.

6. Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan for the U.S. Championship. On the Raw prior to this week’s, Sheamus said he would quit the WWE if he did not win the U.S. Championship this week. That right there was all we needed to hear to know he was going to win the title this week. The match was entertaining and was a preview of what we may get at WrestleMania. This match was also Sheamus first win in quite a few weeks.

7. Talk about uncomfortable moments, Michael Cole bringing back Brian Christopher (aka Grandmaster Sexay) to confront Jerry Lawler was brutal to watch. Michael Cole brought him back to confront The King about his past as a Father figure. This went on for way too long and should have stopped before Brian Christopher was even introduced. It was nice to see Good Ol’ J.R. come back to defend Lawler but it didn’t help this whole fiasco very much.

8. Snooki getting involved with the WWE for WrestleMania is great for business but it’s something that’s a tossup for WWE fans. Some like it, some don’t but it’s great exposure for the WWE either way and that’s all that matters to Vince McMahon right now. Her match at WrestleMania will be Laycool and Dolph Ziggler going against her, Trish Stratus and John Morrison. I personally would have preferred Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison getting they’re own match but we’ll have to wait until after WrestleMania for that one.

9. At WrestleMania, it will officially be Randy Orton and CM Punk going at it one on one with no Nexus members at ringside. This Monday on Raw, Randy Orton had one more Nexus member to face and it was Mason Ryan. Orton quickly stole this match and sent Ryan packing for FCW after he punted him in the head after the match. Like I’ve said in the past few weeks. This match may be one of the best at WrestleMania with the way it’s been hyped up.  The hype each week has been short but sweet with each member of Nexus getting punted in the head.

10. John Cena and Alberto Del Rio closed the show in the main event although it ended with a disqualification. A few minutes into the match The Rock’s music hit. The Miz came out dressed up as The Rock and also did all of Rock’s gestures. He gave one hell of a beat down to Cena from the ring all the way up the entrance ramp. Week by week Miz is proving that his mic and in ring skills are one of the best in the business right now. The Miz had done a better job than Cena has of hyping up their match at WrestleMania. Miz’s promos have been more serious than Cena’s promos and clearly The Miz makes it seem like a bigger deal.  If The Miz continues to improve, he may be the top dog in the WWE in the future.

Stay classy.

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