The Stomping Ground: A Hall of Fame Conundrum

Greetings, one and all! It is I, your esteemed host, Mike Gojira and I’m back with another mind-blowingly stupendous (read: mediocre) column.

This week I thought I’d take a look at a situation that pops up this time every year (not The Situation, who ABSolutely bombed at the Trump Roast). The Hall of Fame is upon us and as always everyone gripes about who should be in and who will never see a wing in this non-existent building dedicated to them. Now, everyone always brings up the usual suspects: Macho and Elizabeth, Benoit, the Gobbledygooker, the Shockmaster, the Legion of Doom, Harvey Whippleman…the list of ring greats goes on. However, here are some people that I believe deserve entry for one reason or another, so hear me out.

The Referees
Not once have I EVER heard a case for putting officials in the HoF. We’ve got this wrestler and that wrestler, this celebrity and that celebrity, but never guys like Mike Chioda or “L’il Naitch” Charles Robinson. It’s obvious why Earl, Dave, and Brian Hebner are an afterthought since they’re currently on the outs with Vinnie Mac, but what about long time referees like Robinson, Chioda, Jimmy Korderas, Nick Patrick, and Tim White? You can’t honestly tell me that they aren’t an integral part of a match. They do much more than take a minor bump and pretend not to see a legal tag. Referees help set up spots, assist in calling audibles, and are trained to officiate. They put in years of service and often call more than one match in a night. They are truly the unsung heroes of this business and it’s a shame they have yet to be represented with a single induction.

Jim Johnston
This man is an icon in the WWE. He has produced over a bajillion theme songs over the years and is long overdue for HoF treatment.

Donald Trump
Trump has been at odds with McMahon onscreen more than any other celebrity guest. He started the Guest Host stint (I know, not something I want to remember either), participated in Wrestlemania in a Hair vs Hair match with McMahon (represented by Babyhead Lashley), and I’m sure wouldn’t hesitate to show up in the near future.

Lawrence Taylor
The man main-evented Wrestlemania XI against Bam Bam Bigelow, but unfortunately is currently involved in some legal trouble. Unless he’s found innocent, there’s no way he’s going in. What a shame.

Mr. T
Allegedly, T was upset that he was snubbed for Pete Rose as the first celebrity inductee. I would be too, but come on. Both sides need to get over this and make up.

Since there is a tag team wing, why not a faction wing? The Four Horsemen would be a lock as the first faction inducted as well as, if you want to include them as a faction, The Fabulous Freebirds. If the entire Von Erich clan can get in at the same time, why not?

Any other non-wrestlers or factions you’d like to see inducted? Hit me up with your thoughts in the comments.

Random Thoughts
As has been previously mentioned by two of my colleagues in The Rager and No Chance, Smackdown seems to be more about promoting Raw’s feuds for Wrestlemania than their own. Honestly, there are three matches from the Smackdown card (Big Show vs The Corre, Edge vs Del Rio, and Rey vs Cody) and 60 minutes of Smackdown is often dedicated to recapping The Rock/The Miz/John Cena. We get that USA is more widely viewed than SyFy (can’t believe I just typed that), but isn’t that all the more reason to promote SMACKDOWN? To get more eyeballs glued to the TV? To speak in questions, like a Valley Girl?

Rock’s promo to start off Raw on 3/14 was going well until they started to play that shitty “serious background music” (forever known as SBM) because evidently the fans are too stupid to understand that he’s angry now. WTF? I thought that shit was reserved for Kane’s promos. Speaking of which, either regain the rights to Kane’s previous theme or bring back the old creepy one. I’m tired of the generic version that makes it seem like the ‘E doesn’t want to put any more effort into his character (Jim Johnston, I’m looking at you).

Cheap Plugs
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Until next week….so long, and thanks for all the fish.

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