How Will The End To Brightest Day Impact The DC Universe And Flashpoint?

C2E2 has DC’s Eddie Berganza dishing on Brightest Day and its lasting impact. It goes beyond the Brightest Day Aftermath mini-series.

One fan asks what we can expect as far as the ramifications of the DCU when Brightest Day ends. Berganza says he can’t show images, but “it’ll be pretty big” before going into Flashpoint. “It’s lasting — it’s not like you’ve invested for this whole year and nothing will happen.”

….Deadman, Hawk and Captain Boomerang haven’t completed or failed in their missions. Which books should we keep an eye out for the conclusion of their journeys? Berganza says it’ll be in Brightest Day.

….How involved is the unknown White Ring Champion in Flashpoint? Someone with a white ring was chasing Wally West in one of the teaser images… Berganza: “You’ll see.”

….The last issue of Brightest Day, #24, will be a lot bigger. Berganza: “There’s a lot to resolve and put in place, and giving the proper amount of splash pages and double-page spreads for our new savior.”

….Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Firestorm — will they be in the Justice League soon? Berganza: “Two of them are going on, maybe.” Prado cracks: “In a parallel universe.”

….A fan asks if Brightest Day will have a definitive ending. Berganza says yes, even as there are things that will continue. It’ll close the book, but open it up for more stories.

And our friends at CBR also note the following:

A cover for an upcoming “Flashpoint” tie-in features Wally West being chased by someone wearing a White Lantern ring. Berganza said that scene was not a flashback but a piece that ties the two events together. Furthermore, the editor said that the third blacked-out character on the cover of “The Search” is not the White Lantern but is the person who is searching for the White Lantern, and that they’d be a big reveal for the series.

THE SEARCH begins in June.

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Source: Newsarama