Kirby Genesis Closer To Stands And Dynamite Creators Speak!

Following the announcement of Alex Ross’ Kirby project, somes some small chatter out of C2E2.

Kirby: Genesis” was deemed by the panel to be an example of successfully selecting an artist. Going in, every person invested in the project had a different artist in mind. Ultimately, they found Jack Herbert to be the best solution that met everyone’s needs.

Speaking of “Genesis,” a fan asked if Jack Kirby characters from elsewhere in the Golden Age whose copyrights may have lapsed be brought into the mix? The question was asked by a twenty-year-old who made an impression on the panel due to his appreciation and comprehension of Kirby. [Dynamite head Nick] Barrucci said the book is pure Jack Kirby, however, the headaches the pursuit of those once-copyrighted characters would create would not be worth the payout.

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Source: CBR