Mystery Men Mysterious No More! Marvel Reveals Creators, Line-Up & Revisionist History Concept

Following the news and controversy over Marvel’s plans for Mystery Men, Marvel demystified the book at C2E2 2011.

Plus concept art with the line-up was also revealed (they follow the excerpt below).

[Marvel’s C.B.] Cebulski then revealed that David Liss and Patrick Zircher would launch “Mystery Men” which had been fortold by Marvel teasers. “We’re pushing back the origins of superheroes in the Marvel Universe about seven years to 1935.”

The book features the first ever costume heroes in the Marvel U who decide to take to the streets.

“Our editor Bill Rosemann wants me to emphasize that it is done, so it will ship on time…this book is a ‘pulp-a-thon’ so if you like pulp in your superheroes, this is your book.”

The book begins in June and will double-ship that month.

In a similar vein, there was no comment on the conclusion to The Twelve though.

Anyhow, five of the Mystery Men team members are revealed below.

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Source: CBR