Writer Phil Hester Teases Lasting Changes For Wonder Woman From Flashpoint

C2E2 has some interesting Wonder Woman tidbits.

[Writer Phil] Hester now talks about Wonder Woman — “Wonder Woman is on a bubble right now. We know things are off with her timeline and existence, which is great for a writer, because you can do anything you want with those characters.” He says he’s on a breakneck run until Flashpoint — he wants to tell a full-out Wonder Woman story and not hold back at all. “We’ve got nothing to lose at this point with this character, because Flashpoint is going to change the character.”

Hester: “People ask if they’re going to see the classic costume again. You’re going to see every costume.” Kramer says he likes the classic costume, but he likes the pants, too.

What about the newly-released TV costume? Lots of booing. [DC’s Eddie] Berganza: “Give it a shot, see how it goes.”

[Artist Don] Kramer says he likes playing with the new villain characters — as well as some villains that might not be villains. “They’re not the same people you’ve known in this reality.”

Hester: “It’s a way to do an Elseworlds story that counts, and has a lasting impact on the character.”

Coincidentally 😉 , Wonder Woman’s Odyssey alternate reality arc wraps up in June 2011.

And, we have WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES as a Flashpoint mini-series.

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Source: Newsarama