Lex Luthor’s Black Lantern Orbs Have A Superman Not Green Lantern Connection?

At C2E2 DC teased a bit more about Paul Cornell’s Actions Comics climax in issue #900. So, those black orbs aren’t related to the Black Lanterns? Huhn???

Here’s the news:

“What’s up with Action Comics and the Black Lantern power spheres?” [DC’s Eddie] Berganza: “We’ll see more in Action Comics #900, and we’ll learn it has more to do with the Superman mythology.”

So, the ten orbs have a Krytonian not Oan or other Lanternesque heritage. Seems coincidental? Well Paul Cornell’s Action Comics has been one of DC’s brighest lights, pun intended, so I’ll continue to read his road to the epic Action Comics #900.

Do you have any thoughts about the origins of the black (and white) orbs?

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Source: Newsarama