Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 1-19 Review

Is a single murder really that important? After being spoiled by wild crimes every week, it seemed very odd to have the team, which is supposed to focus on serious crime, take time to solve the murder of a random guy who has pushed off a balcony. It leads to an unsolved murder, but the whole thing seemed a little too standard.

Steve is fully on the trail of Wo Fat now, which should be an interesting rivalry since the original used Wo Fat effectively. The good thing this time around is that Wo Fat has adapted with the times and is no longer a Red China boogeyman but a crime boss. Jessica Kaye (Larisa Oleynik), an off-duty CIA analyst whose fiancee was killed in Wo Fat’s trap, will help Steve in his crusade. So far, she’s pretty boring, but I guess she could improve.

Score: 8.4/10