Where Is Wally West? Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint Has Barry & Bart Covered, But Where’s Wally?

Following solicitations from DC that show Barry Allen front and centre in the main Flashpoint series as THE Flash (and later as Reverse Flash?), and conceivably in a few of the other related mini-series and one-shots, and Bart Allen as Kid Flash starring in a 3-part mini-series where he is lost in time supposedly, where is Wally West? What do you think DC has planned for Wally? Or is this another indignity for THE Flash of a generation?


My take: DC made a HUGE mistake in relegating Wally to the sidelines and they NEED to bring him back in a prominent way in the DCU. I imagine he’ll “pop up” in Flashpoint and my hope is that he will be the one that plays a big role in ensuring we get back to a timeline that we’re more familiar with.

I’m also of the view that DC’s cancellation of Flash includes a reshuffling of the franchise that may lead to Wally back as THE Flash and Barry assuming the “Zoom” name and costume (as teased in Flashpoint pics so far). Wally has been THE Flash almost as long as Barry was. Plus Wally is THE Flash for the modern generation of readers who only know of Barry through flashbacks and cameos in Wally’s successful Flash title.

What say you?

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