Mattel Reveals Green Lantern Movie Assortments


Toy Fans,

You don’t need a mystical ring to command a sneak peek at our toy line based on the upcoming Green Lantern film… here’s everything you need to know!

Because fans of Green Lantern span all ages, the product lines will be both kid and collector-focused. To see pics of just some of the toys in the vast universe of products, click here.

The line for kids will be in 4″ scale. We have an incredible roster of toys with an array of features that lets them play out all their favorite scenes from the movie.

Figures and Vehicles
Basic Figures. For the basic figures, each comes with a construct accessory and Power Ring. You’ll find the biggest selection of characters in this line.
Deluxe Figures. The “deluxe” figures will feature Battle Shifters™ that play on the “something from nothing” movie theme. Think plastic origami… a single touch makes it pop out into an aggressive weapon like a Gatling gun or a scorpion construct. There will be eight figures in the assortment and they’ll be in scale with basic 4″ figures.
Figure/Vehicles. Kids are gonna LOVE the figures and vehicles that feature ring activation. The ring will transform vehicles from driving mode to an attack mode.
Galactic Scale™ Figures. Hal and Kilowog arrive as 10″ Galactic Scale™ figures that have a light-up chest logo when you lift the arm. They also come with a light-up construct accessory with projectiles that snap onto their arms. Hal’s construct projects a Green Lantern symbol!

Role Play
Mask and Ring. Kids can see what it really feels like to go green with authentic accessories! The basic ring lights up so they can be Hal Jordan and the mask handily hides their secret identity. (This ring is the only one in the line with light-up features.)
Power Slingers™. These babies shoot weapons that telescope out to 20″ construct weapons for battle!
Colossal Cannon™. Blasts out 10 discs in single fire and rapid fire modes, and includes lights and sounds. Take that, Parallax!

Kmart. Your local Kmart will stock a Test Pilot pack with a 4″ Hal Jordan figure and an exclusive 4″ Martin Jordan figure with parachute.
Target. Head over to Target to get figures with lots of light-up features.
Toys ‘R’ Us. Your favorite TRU will have 12″ comic Hal Jordan figure and an ultimate construct set with a 4″ Hal Jordan figure and 10 unique.
Walmart. Visit Walmart and you’ll find Guardian 2-packs in 4″ scale featuring one Guardian paired with a Green Lantern figure. Wal-Mart will also have mini 3-packs (similar to DC Action League®!) in both comic and movie style.
Collectors, this’ll definitely get you glowing… the line we created just for you is 6″ Movie Masters® figures and there will be 12 in the series. Collect 11 figures and you’ll have all the pieces you need to complete the giant (and seriously awesome) 14″ Parallax figure! We’ll also offer Movie Masters® 2-packs with unique decos and figures, but they’ll only be available at Toys ‘R’ Us. It’s also the only place you’ll be able to get a Movie Masters® Abin Sur and a collector-sized die-cast ring later this summer.

From May through October, we’ll have a fantastic lineup of toys you can only get right here on!

So big, retail stores couldn’t handle ‘em! We’ll have 3 oversized Green Lantern Movie Masters® figures, starting with Green Man and Kilowog. They’re in scale to 6″ Movie Masters® figures, but feature the big guys of the Green Lantern corps in true scale!
12″ Ultimate Movie Masters® Hal Jordan. Arguably the quintessential Hal Jordan figure, this film-accurate 12″ figure features lights and sound – including Ryan Reynolds’ voice reciting the oath, “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil will escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!” Just wave the included Green Lantern ring in front of his chest to “magically” hear the oath and light up the figure.
So when does all the excitement begin? For retail items, the Classics line starts arriving on May 1st, with everything else following around the time of the movie’s release on June 17th. Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes Sinestro kicks off the line at on April 15th, with RA Guy Gardener, oversized Green Man and Classics Wave 2 all following on May 16th.

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