Grey’s Anatomy 2011 Spoilers: Owen Picking Chief Resident To Cause Major Problems With Cristina

While it was obvious that things couldn’t remain comfortable between Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang, at least now we know why.

On Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it was revealed that the Chief put Dr. Hunt in charge of selecting the new chief resident which obviously would taint him selecting his wife (Cristina Yang).

In an interview, Kevin McKidd said that this will be a major factor in the storyline with his character’s wife.

“A work-related issue comes up that adds tension again to their otherwise happy existence. There something else that comes along to that’s a problem to them,” he said. “There is the element of competition there—she’s not in direct competition with Owen, but Owen suddenly finds himself in the line of fire. I’ll put it that way. But again that was unexpected I think. So not directly in competition with him but he’s very much certainly in the line of fire.”


Source: E! Online