Lance Storm Urges Fans to Support Chris Jericho On Dancing with the Stars

Here’s what Storm had to say:

“Just a side note: I want to remind everyone to watch Dancing with the Stars Monday nights to support Chris Jericho. He had a solid enough performance the first week (19 points), tying for 5th place out of 11 participants but is still going to need fan support (VOTES) to remain in the competition. The first elimination is next week so please tune in Monday and cast your vote. If you live in Alberta you need to vote before the show airs. This is really dumb but SHAW cable picks up the ABC feed from a station in a different time zone, so once the show airs here and they display the numbers to call and vote the poles are already closed. Next week I�ll try to get the number for Jericho posted on my fan facebook page as early as possible so you can call in and vote even if you don�t watch the show.”

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