Jerry Lawler on his WWE Wrestlemania 27 Match with Michael Cole and Vince McMahons thoughts on the Andy Kaufman Feud

Jerry Lawler on…

Wanting the original WrestleMania to fail: “Well of course the whole world was talking about the first WrestleMania and how it was a huge risk on the part of Vince McMahon. And there were a lot of people at the time that had local promotions, like myself and Jerry Jarrett who were partners in Mid-South in Memphis, Tennessee. We were hoping to see it flop. We were hoping that it wouldn’t catch on and wouldn’t be a success. But as we all know, it did catch on and it did become a success and it’s the crown jewel of WWE pay per view events each and every year. It’s the biggest thing in the sports entertainment world now. But personally, my old personal self-interests at the time, we were worried that if the first WrestleMania went over big then it would spell the end of the local and regional territories. And we were pretty much right. And Vince was right too, in the respect that he thought this thing had legs and would grow and it has. And it’s just become phenomenal.”

Vince McMahon’s thoughts on the Andy Kaufman feud: “I just had Vince McMahon tell me, not that long ago, he said, “Man, you can’t imagine. I’ve never told anyone this but I was actually jealous of the fact that you got to do what you did with Andy Kaufman because I knew that we had the opportunity to do it first and we turned it down. And then all of a sudden you guys were on TV and in New York. You got to be on David Letterman and Saturday Night Live. It just blew up.”

Would he have preferred his first WrestleMania match to be with an actual wrestler: “Would I have preferred for it to be a wrestler? Maybe at first. But now, looking back on the way this has all unfolded and the way it’s going to be now, I couldn’t have had a better opponent. Especially now that it’s so reminiscent of the actual Andy Kaufman feud. I mean here, just like Andy, I’m going in the ring against a guy who’s never competed. Not only at WrestleMania, but anywhere. So the curiosity factor of what will be going through Michael Cole’s mind, other than my fist, makes this the perfect match up here. The people want to see Michael Cole get completely destroyed. They know without the help of Jack Swagger he’s going to be helpless and they know that with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin being in the match as the referee, they know he’s not going to put up with interference and foolishness. So it’ll just come down to me and Cole once that bell rings. So, to me, that’s perfect. Because if I can’t put a major league whooping on Michael Cole, after all the years I’ve been in the business, then something’s wrong.”

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