United States of Tara – Episode 3-1 Review

It usually takes a while for United States of Tara to start rolling, so “…youwillnotwin…” is expectedly a pretty normal episode, moving the plot just enough so the viewers get an idea of what’s coming up. There isn’t one super-emotional moment and only one super-crazy moment, but there is lots going with every character.

As far as the major plot points go, Buck finds Bryce, Tara’s half-brother, after Neil comes to Charmaine’s side, she decides to let him on the couch, Kate has trouble finding a job since everyone can find her sitting on a cake video, and Max and Lionel take one step further, contemplating whether to buy a video camera together. The most shocking moment is when Tara begins writing her paper, goes berserk with 500 WPM of random words, before beginning to cut her wrist. Is this another personality from her college days? What happens next is equally weird, with Buck, Alice, and Shoshanna coming out to help her write the paper (and T does nothing useful).

Score: 8.7/10