Mr. Sunshine – Episode 1-8 Review

Each week, my complaints about Alice and Alonzo are less insistent, because the writers are gradually mixing them with the other character. This week, Alice actually has a couple scenes with Roman. It’s not perfect, though, since I can’t even remember the last time Alice and Alonzo did something meaningful with Crystal.

Like last week’s episode, “The Assistant” brings up the relationship issues which had all but disappeared since the pilot. Ben inadvertently receives an email from Alice intended for Roman (I don’t know the writers’ intent, but it was super obvious from the beginning), leading him to believe Alice still has feelings for him. In response, Ben has Roman become Alice’s assistant to spy on her and he learns that she’s unhappy about Alonzo hanging out with his ex-wife. Eventually, all is well. Alice forgives Ben for prying, keeps Roman as her assistant, and most importantly, finds a good conclusion for her problem with Alonzo.

Crystal’s plot was pretty funny, but largely the same as usual, Crystal being insane with a touch of sweet sincerity behind it. As the writers develop the other characters, I’d also want to see Crystal become more than she currently is.

Score: 8.7/10