NCIS – Episode 8-19 Review

As fun as NCIS is, I sometimes wish the murders would actually be rooted in dangerous criminal enterprises instead of the familial problems. “Tell-All” begins with the death of two people who read a tell-all book about an operation to nab arms dealers, so we learn the background of the operation, and meet a sociopathic college arms dealer. It’s all fine, but the episode churns along at the same speed for most of the episode, until, by deduction, there is one people still not implicated, the female victim’s husband.

The episode sets up future tension between Ziva and Tony, with mentions of marriage and EJ, who should be critical in the upcoming weeks. Gibbs and Fornell also have fun with their ex-wife Diane getting remarried–this time to a Homeland Security agent.

Score: 8.5/10