The Good Wife – Episode 2-18 Review

After the explosive episode last week, The Good Wife cooled off with “Killer Song,” which didn’t have that many twists, but kept some tension going throughout the episode. Like the rest of the episodes this season, it is quite effective in weaving together all the different characters and storylines so there aren’t large holes from week to week.

This week’s case involves a convicted killer who is “better” after 30 years. The crux of the episode is a song he wrote while in jail, detailing a murder but not necessary the murder he was incarcerated for. Initially, Kalinda good evidence linking the song to the murder, but her clouded mind misses a key point, and it falls apart. Eventually, however, the case is blown wide open when the victim’s daughter says that the lyrics correspond to the murder of a friend’s mothers, and while the murder gets free from the this trial, Cary quickly has him arrested for the next crime.

Up until the Natalie Flores episode, Eli had been mostly a comedic character, the political insider with quick quips and quick solutions. We saw a different, human side to him when he decided to out Natalie. She returns in the episode, and we again see Eli trying to make up for what he did, and helps soften his character, especially after all the “put white people on the website!” business last week.

I’m beginning to wonder whether Kalinda and Peter slept together. Although the hints are as big as they get, neither of them explicitly confirms (the “one night” comment is ambiguous, to an extent) that they slept with each other. Could they be covering up something bigger? Whatever happens, there’ll be plenty of unhappy campers. Peter openly and honestly states that he loves Alicia and is fine with Alicia’s plan to stay in the apartment, but all of that has to come crashing down soon.

Score: 8.8/10