Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks Tough Enough and CM Punk

When asked about how active he got filming Tough Enough he said: ” One of the kids was pretty mechanically inclined, so I got in there with him…and shoot, I guess that means I haven’t been in the ring in seven or eight years…but I took a few bumps from him, gave him a few bumps, it was a lot of fun. I think if we do it again, I think I’ll be even more active and get in the ring a lot more.”

He was also asked about WWE stars appearing on Tough Enough and said: ” Absolutely, the Rock came by, several of the guys came by. I think we had a WWE Superstar come by every week and talk to the kids about a different subject. We were fortunate to have a lot of visitors from the WWE roster.”

In talking about WrestleMania he said: “This is a special Wrestlemania. I thought it was going to be a weak effort this year, but they’ve put together a monster card. Undertaker and Triple H, Undertaker trying to extend his streak. I’m coming in, Rock’s coming in to host. We’ve got some other great matches, it’s a loaded card, it’s a great event. I love Atlanta and I’m coming to raise hell.”

He was asked why he thought the show was going to be weak initially and said: ” They’re pretty thin on talent, they’ve had some injuries. They’ve brought the Rock in to host it. They brought me back. I didn’t know if the Undertaker was going to make it, he’s had some injuries. Triple H is getting back in the ring. Until they brought all those players out they had a lot of green guys.”

He was asked about possible return he said: ” I could still, you know if I was in a bad situation, I could still get two years out of my carcass on a full-time basis.” He then added, ” But I’m happy where I’m at. And in ten or twenty years I still want to be doing the things I’m doing with my hunting and fishing. I want to continue to do that in a pain-free fashion. And right now I’m living a pretty pain-free lifestyle.”

He was asked about CM Punk and said: ” I really like C.M. Punk. I think he’s one of the top workers in the ring. I love his promos. I love his style. There’s no smoke and mirrors. I like the straight-edge lifestyle stuff he does. You want to start pairing that against the beer-guzzling “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, I think you’d have an interesting feud to say the least. He would push me to the limits, I would teach that kid a thing or two, and there would be some wonderful promos going back and forth. I like him a lot.”

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