WWE Tough Enough Recap 4.11.2011

This week we saw the second episode of WWE Tough Enough and once again, it delivered. The training has not been easy for the contestants and as the weeks go by, it will only get tougher. Last week we saw Ariane get sent home after she could not convince Stone Cold that her passion was the WWE. Who got sent home this week? Here’s the recap for yesterdays show.


This week’s episode begins with Eric and Michelle returning to the house and informing everybody of how rough it is to be in the bottom three. Both of them tell the other contestants how bad it sucked to stand in that ring and convince Stone Cold that they wanted to stay. The next day at the training center, Stone Cold tells everyone that courage is the theme of the challenges for the week. He also goes on to tell them that if they are afraid to take bumps and get hurt, they won’t make it in the WWE.

Trish Stratus put Matt through a personality drill. She was originally impressed with him until he stepped into the ring with Luke. Luke instantly stole the show from Matt due to his great in ring skills and personality. During the training, Ryan (A.k.a, Skidmarks) struggled to get through the bumps he was taking from Bill DeMott, who really does not care for Ryan. “Miss USA” Rima Fakih also took a beating from the days training. She even goes on to say that after all the body slams she could not take a deep breath.

John Cena shows up only moments later to watch everyone in the ring and to also give some advice on how to succeed in the business. When training ended, Jeremiah and Luke were once again partying at the house. It loosens up everybody from a tough day of training but the majority prefers to avoid Luke and Jeremiahs lifestyle. Ryan and Mike start to exchange some words when Mike tells Ryan he’s too soft. He tells him numerous times, he doesn’t think he’ll make it back and also teases him about writing letters to his girlfriend.

The next day, Stone Colds next test for the contestants was to outrun police attack dogs. This was certainly a great way to test the contestant’s courage. Stone Cold and Bill DeMott watch and laugh at each contestant one by one as the dogs take them down. Eric shocked Stone Cold by completing the challenge while taunting the dog the whole time. Rima and Andy took the brutal hits when the dogs tried to bite right through the protective gear, and some of Rima’s hair was even ripped out.

The next morning, Rima shows up to the training center 20 minutes late. This leads to Bill DeMott making some sarcastic comments as she walks in to the building. The skills challenge for the day was to stand in the corner of the ring and take 5 corner splashes from Bill DeMott. This was a way of showing them how much endurance you need and how tough you have to be in the WWE.

After talking it over with Bill DeMott and Trish Stratus, Stone Cole determines who the bottom three for this week are. It turns out to be Matt, Rima and Ryan. Like last week, Stone Cold got in the faces of all three of them and asked them why they should stay. None of them tell Stone Cold what he wants to hear. He gets on Rima’s case about being late and Ryan for being a goof. It’s Matt that gets the worst of it this week. He tears Matt apart about his in ring skills and although Matt says he hasn’t had the chance to show them what he’s got, Stone Cold tells him it’s too late. As Stone Cold goes to take the belt away from Matt, he tries to hold onto it and convince Stone Cold to let him stay. Austin lets him know he had his chance already and sends him packing.

Another good show this week, and a bit of a shocker that Matt of all people was sent home. Like I said last week, I’m still pulling for Eric to win this competition. Right now he and Ryan come across as the underdogs, while Luke and Jeremiah are the ones that have impressed the trainers the most thus far.

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