10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 05.09.2011 – #1 Contendership, Rey Mysterio, The Miz, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Kharma, U.S. Title Championship

Welcome to yet another 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw!  I am your host, Rhett Davis, and since I haven’t heard any big news this week besides Justin Bieber doing drugs, I’ll go ahead and jump right in!

1.  The opening segment of Raw actually meshed pretty well.  Del Rio came out first and before he really started to get into his big point someone would interrupt him.  The group of stars shined and then out came R-Truth and, contrary to my opinions on him a month ago, dude can talk.  Every time Truth picks up a mic now, I am glued to the TV wondering what he will say or do next.  When he surpasses Miz and del Rio in an segment, he’s doing pretty well.  The ‘Little Jimmy’ thing really is working despite the sheer strangeness of it.

2.  This Raw seemed full of quick, short matches with not much of a purpose.  First, enter Kane vs Mason Ryan with a rematch from last week.  Last week Mason Ryan demolished both of the Tag Team Champs, but this week he, along with the entire Nexus was demolished by the Tag Team Champs.  Not much to say about this except it was short, painless, and boring.  As for Mason Ryan being a little special, I often wondered that myself reader from last week.

3.  Yeah Dolph Ziggler has moved from being a World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown with a unique look to yet another generic Cena/Orton look-alike.  Come on in and take a seat on the benchwarmers side of things champ.  Even Dolph doesn’t look thrilled with his new look as he always looks furious with the world.

4.  It was strange to see a SmackDown Rewind on Raw.  Usually we plug SmackDown full of those don’t we?  Oh well it fit considering Christian lost his World Title and it appears he is going to turn heel.  I guess I’m cool with that… but I’d much rather had seen a face run considering he is SO over right now.  Probably more so than anyone not named Cena or Mysterio.

5.  Another short match on the show is the Divas match.  Is this why Kharma has become so much of a fan favorite?  Because she shortens our dealings with the Divas?  Regardless of that, she is a behemoth and continues her devastation on Raw by taking out her first face in Eve this week.  Then again she showed heel-like tendencies.

6.  John Cena vs Alex Riley.  I hope you can feel the loathing behind that.  I’m so sick of A-Ry being on Raw, A-Ry following Miz when he doesn’t need it, Cena fighting A-Ry, and the bromance.  Time for A-Ry to be sent off to SmackDown as he should be.  Time for Miz to finally get that big heel feel which he won’t as long as Riley is around.

7.  I’m beginning to agree with Kelly Floyd (who does the SmackDown reports) on the fact that a title match shouldn’t be used to hype a feud.  The match at the end should be the title match not the first match.  Jack Swagger and Kofi had a decent match, but I don’t think they work well with each other.  I always find myself bored when they fight.  I don’t know why, but it could have something to do with the lack of charisma in the ring.

7a.  Was I the only one who thought that Swagger was the Raw Anonymous GM when he said that King was fired for touching Cole?

8.  The main event was okay, but generally WWE triple threats have not been all that great.  It’s too much of just two guys in the ring while one rests outside of the ring.  However, if you see an Indy match or even a TNA triple threat then it’s all action with no real break periods on the outside.  Overall the triple threat match was okay but just not phenomenal.

9.  A-Ry coming out to help Miz just drives home the fact that he needs to disappear.  It’s not doing him any justice and it overall just makes Miz look weaker.  If Miz were an established heel BEFORE A-Ry jumped on the bandwagon, I would have said that was okay.  Ala Jericho and Cade or Triple H and Batista.  It works that way.

10.  I knew as soon as Cena came out at the end that he was going to announce an I Quit match.  He’s had quite a few of those has he not?  JBL, Batista, Randy Orton, and now The Miz.  Man that’s the exact match Cena had last year except with Batista.  At least Cena has his specialty match that he can claim he has never lost.

Altogether an okay Raw, but not one to be remembered in a month.  The Miz is announced as the new #1 Contender.  Kofi retains his U.S. Championship.  Cole is fighting King again in the future… yay.

Well that’s all for me folks, thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment in the section below!  And don’t forget to check out my The O’Really Report on Wednesday.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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