Trailer: Salvation Boulevard Attempts To Save Soul With Laughter

Just like you should never discuss politics and religion when in the company of others, you have to be careful with how you portray religion in fictional works, especially with television and film. Sometimes it works – as in the case of Kevin Smith’s Dogma. But then you have the failed drama series The Book of Daniel. And we’re in a wait and see with the new ABC comedy Good Christian Belles (formally titled Good Christian Bitches).

With that notice, I present to you a trailer that premiered over at Yahoo! From the title alone Salvation Boluevard sounds like a redemption-filled drama dealing with faith. Not hardly. It’s a comedy about a reformed Deadhead turned Christian (Greg Kinnear) who gets involved with an accidental shooting between the pastor of his megachurch (Pierce Brosnan) and an agnostic (Ed Harris).

Joining in on the fun is Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei, Jim Gaffigan, Ciaran Hinds, and even “Dr. Fever” Howard Hesseman.

The trailer is a hodgepodge of gags including street protests, breast tattoos, explosions, masked hijackings, guns, and dead pan humor. Even with Kinnear and Gaffigan, Jennifer Connelly may be the funniest person in this satirical jab at the man upstairs.

Salvation Boulevard is co-written and directed by George Ratliff, who previously helmed the “kid is evil” thriller Joshua. The film is based on the novel by Larry Beinhart (who also wrote “Wag the Dog”). The comedy is slated to open in theaters on July 15, 2011.

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