10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 06.06.2011 – Cena/Riley vs Miz/Truth, Big Show returns?, Booker-Man is back!

Welcome to 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw! Tonight we’ll find out the repercussions for R-Truth’s actions, will Miz get revenge on Alex Riley, and will Big Show be back? Well let’s get into it.

1. Okay I might have been alone on this, but did anyone else see Michael McGillicutty throw his own head into the turnbuckle?  Santino touched him and wham! McGillicutty’s head went into the turnbuckle in the opposite direction that Santino was going.  Pretty terrible…  Go back and watch if you didn’t see it.

2.  Booker? Swagger?  I can dig that sucka!!!  Booker may not be the most entertaining on the mic, but he’s a valuable character in building other stars and putting on good matches.  If this is just one occasion, fine, but he could make a feud with Jack Swagger actually entertaining.

3.  Another fantastic match from CM Punk and Rey Mysterio.  I’m not too thrilled with this feud and for no real reason…  I just can’t get into this feud.  The first feud didn’t really do much for me and this one isn’t capturing my attention with the exception of CM Punk’s mic skills.

4.  I called Ricardo coming out as Big Show, but that was great!  I barely recognized the guy!  But everything after the entrance was just rather ridiculous.  The intensity that Alberto showed at the end of the promo was great though.  It made him seem edgy despite his joking throughout the segment.

5.  Ryder is back on Raw! And all it took was him mentioning on Twitter he hasn’t had a match on Raw in 2011!  Now if only he could get his old half-pants-half-shorts tights back… and a win.

6.  Well I should’ve seen them inserting Beth in replacement of Kharma.  The ‘E’s way of saying ‘Sorry for the Kharma disappointment, here take her!’  Better that than ‘Feed her!’ *shivers*  And if you don’t catch the reference you’re probably better for it.

7.  Evan Bourne outsmarts Swagger again and we get a double spinarooni from Booker and Bourne.  Not a bad moment, but is this just to try and get Evan Bourne over?  That could be my only guess, but Bourne is a new face and they desperately need faces.

8.  I really thought that R-Truth was going to start spouting off about slavery when he came out dressed like a confederate.  Thank God he didn’t.  That would’ve been an awkward promo even if he got booed out of the building.

9.  Austin got involved in the match-up.  Doesn’t that mean the GM should reverse the decision?  He did at Mania, he/she should here as well.

9a.  I swear as soon as I typed that it happened.

10.  I may be a cynic about this, but really what’s the point of the All-Star Raw?  Yes I caught the baseball/football reference, but we JUST had the draft.  *sigh*  This is just rather frustrating, this Raw just disappointed, the only one thing that was interesting was Riley teaming with Cena, Truth dressing like a confederate, a Zack-Sighting, and Booker fighting.  But that stuff just disappointed as the match actually went forward.

All in all just a kind of boring Raw.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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