Exclusive Dan Jurgens Interview (III): Flashpoint, Booster Gold & DC Comics Relaunch

Following interviews with Dan Jurgens published over the last few days that looked at the DC Comics Relaunch in September 2011, particularly Justice League International in part one and Green Arrow in part two, (both titles on to my Top 19) I am pleased to share my last interview with you all.

While the DC Comics Relaunch slips in, the focus today is on Booster Gold and DC’s mega-event, which makes the relaunch possible, Flashpoint.

Hope you enjoy this last interview with comics luminary Dan Jurgens.

Comics Nexus: You’re wrapping up your Booster Gold run with its Flashpoint issues. How organic has the story-telling been? Have you had to work closely with Geoff Johns or DC editorial, the architects of Flashpoint, or were you given your own corner of this world to play within as you see fit?

Booster Gold #47Dan Jurgens: While we’ve worked closely within the context of FLASHPOINT, with Geoff and the FP editors, it’s been very organic. I have totally been able to tell the story I wanted to tell and have had a lot of fun doing so. I’ve kind of been able to have my cake and eat it too, and that doesn’t happen too often in life.

Nexus: While some things will change and some things won’t in the new DCU, will you be able to carry-over any of your plot threads from your current Booster Gold run into JLI? Will protecting the time stream still be important to Booster Gold in the new DC universe debuting in September?

Jurgens: Booster will still regard protecting the time stream as a main aspect of his mission. However, the JLI will take up more of his time at the start. As for any individual plot threads that might carry over, time will tell.

Justice League International #1 UPDATED (ships September 2011)Nexus: This is a character that you created some time ago. Did you ever imagine Booster Gold would have the success it has currently? That he would as important to the DCU as he is? What is your most memorable Booster Gold story?

Jurgens: If I think back to when I created Booster, there is no way I could have envisioned being where the character is now. I don’t think many, if any of us, are capable of really looking that far down the road. But it’s been a lot of fun and an awful lot of people have contributed to the character’s success.

Nexus: Bonus Q: šŸ™‚ What do you think of Booster Gold’s armour look on the cover of JLI? Did you have any hand its design?

Jurgens: I like the look! Originally, we weren’t going to change it much, but we ended up with something that ties in very well with the end of our FLASHPOINT story. Jim Lee actually came up with the look, though I suggested a tweak or two.

Nexus: Bonus Q 2: šŸ˜‰ Do you have any closing thoughts on the September relaunch to share with readers?

Jurgens: I think it’s an exciting project. We are working really, really hard to make this a success. When I say “we”, I mean everyone.

I would like to offer a big thank you to Dan Jurgens for his time, lightning quick responses, and candor. šŸ™‚

For more on Dan, check out his website: www.danjurgens.com

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