MLB Baseball: Derek Jeter: Yankees’ Mr. 3000

The Captain has done it. In the third inning of the Yankees-Rays game, David Price gave up a home run to Jeter Saturday.  Jeter enters the illustrious 3000 hit club, as its 28th member. Being the 1st ever in Yankee history to attain this incredible achievement, he did so in style, hitting his first home run in Yankee Stadium this season.  Jeter is the 4th youngest member to ever achieve 3000 hits. 

After Jeter’s hit, baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs was quoted as saying: “I had the opportunity to play with Derek when he was a rookie in 1996, and I had no doubts that Derek would reach this milestone… Reaching the 3,000 hit mark is another piece of the legacy that Derek has created.”

The fan who caught the milestone ball, Christian Lopez, gave the ball back to Jeter as a sign of respect for his achievement.  Not asking anything in return, the Yankees organization gave the fan 4 Champion Suite Tickets for the rest of the season, and the playoffs, to reward the fan for his kindness.

With the crowning of the Captain’s achievement, Lopez’s act of respect to Jeter, and the kindness of the Yankees organization, this is the true face of the game of baseball. With all of the controversies and spectacles that have arised recently, this is truly a shining moment for sports today.

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