Pulse Wrestling’s Live WWE Raw Coverage 07.11.2011 – The Punk Returns!

Welcome to Inside Pulse’s Live Coverage of Monday Night Raw!  I am your new host, Rhett Davis and we’ll kick this thing off about 8 Central.  Keep it here for the most up-to-date preview of the show as I’ll send in results during each intermission.

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We start off the show right and that’s with CM Punk’s music playing and out comes the man himself with a megaphone.  Can’t cut that off now can they?  He takes an Indian style seat in the ring.  He asks if he has everyone’s attention now?  He needs to do some recapping and he says he didn’t watch last week’s episode because he wasn’t on it.  He was suspended because of somethings he said not because he said he was going to beat John Cena or that his contract ran out Sunday.  He didn’t get suspended because he said that the WWE would be no better in the hands of his children after Vince dies.  He says that he got in trouble because he has the balls to say things that no one else has the balls to say!  He says that the entire company is filled with ass-kissers.  Never fear, not only is he reinstated, his match reimbursed, but he brought back up in the form of a megaphone in case they cut him off.  A CM Punk chant starts in the arena.  Punk turns on the alarm on the megaphone and then turns it off.  Punk says that Vince wants to sign him to a very lucrative contract and that it is funny that Vince is bending over backwards for him.  Because all he wanted is a microphone.  He says Vince sees him finally as the hottest property in this industry today.  He sees that way because he did something no one else could:  he made WWE socially acceptable.  He says that WWE gets mentioned because of two things:  him and some wrestler dies.  Nothing else.  He says that ESPN is trying to get interviews with him and all the talk show hosts want to talk to him.  Punk finds it funny that he has one foot out the door and now he wants to give him everything he wants.  Another CM Punk chant rings out.  Punk says he knows Vince and that he expects him to sit down and have a man-to-man Live Contract Negotiation.  Punk says he might sign… or he might not.  And that maybe Vince will have to join what he calls the ‘CM Punk Kiss My Ass’ club.  Cena’s music hits and he comes out solemn-faced.  Punk yells on his megaphone that his music is too loud.  Cena tells him to say whatever he was going to say.  Punk thanks Cena for getting him reinstated despite him not wanting it.  Punk says he is going to change the way the title looks when he beats him! (please do) He says that Cena has made a few things more real because of the PPV.  Punk says let’s go to Chicago to fight for the title and then reminds Cena that he won’t be fired like he wasn’t a few months ago. (!) Cena asks him if he is done.  Cena says it took years for Punk to admit he has some balls.  Cena says he’s here to set him straight and that he isn’t going to let Punk push him over with his mouth.  He has news for Punk… Jack, he ain’t no push over.  Punk says he is the best wrestler in the world.  Cena says he has a mouth, a set of balls, and some confidence.  Cena says he smiles because he loves what he does.  He has the title because he earned it.  Cena says that there were a lot to think they were the best wrestler such as HHH, JBL, Angle, and some more names.  Said that there was no way Cena could wrestle with them.  He proved them wrong.  Cena says he’s going to Chi-Town to whip Punk’s ass!

The Raw G-Mail goes off.  Cole says McMahon is on route to discuss with Punk.  Since this is Cena’s last Raw, he should compete.  Cole says he has a special match… next.


We’re back and Cena is in action in a handicap match against the tag team champions.

Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga vs John Cena

David and John start off.  They tie up and Cena rolls out.  John Cena takes him down into a side headlock, but Otunga gets to the ropes.  Mike tags in and locks Cena in an armlock, but Cena reverses into a side headlock.  Cena hits the ropes and Cena dropkicks Mike knocking him out of the ring.


We’re back and Mike is in control of a side headlock.  Cena reverses and teases the STF but Mike kicks him into Nexus’ corner.  Otunga takes some free shots on Cena.  Mike tags in Otunga as they double team Cena in the corner. Otunga Irish Whips Cena into the opposite corner and allows Cena to climb back up.  Cena reverses a suplex and both men are down.  Otunga tags out and Cena hits his Five Moves of Mediocrity.  Sets up for the AA but Otunga and Mike double team Cena down.  Mike gets a two count.  Mike lifts Cena on to the top rope and teases a superplex, but Cena fights out and headbutts Mike until he falls.  Otunga eats a boot from Cena on the apron.  Cena hits the flying leg drop on Mike.  He locks in the STF, but Otunga kicks Cena.  Nexus attempts to double-team again in the corner, but Cena dodges Otunga’s splash and hits the AA on Mike.  Otunga is thrown from the ring by Cena.  Cena pins Mike for the three.

Winner:  John Cena

Cena celebrates his win, but later there will be a Live Contract Negotiation between Punk and Vince.


We’re back and tonight we are in Boston, MA home of John Cena.  I think it’s funny how they haven’t put much focus on the MITB Ladder match, but they give Henry a ton of video packages. We get a Mark Henry video package showing smashing Show through a cage and Henry beating up the sound guy on SmackDown a few weeks back.

Big Show vs Mark Henry this Sunday at Money In The Bank.

Vickie is in the back with Dolph.  Dolph is acting like Vickie is Vince and he tells her that he needs to fire Punk and make the United States Championship the premier title.  Vickie is intimidating Vince, but then Drew McIntyre walks up and Dolph says that Vince is a shell of a man and that Vince should be  the Chairman of the AARP.  Drew calls Vince a dead possum wrapped in a diaper.  They continue the jokes until Vince pops up right behind Vickie and calls Dolph and Drew two of the fastest rising stars.  Vince says why don’t they team up in a handicap match against The Big Show.  Vince asks them if they have a mint.  Because he wouldn’t want to have bad breath.  They walk away and Scott Stanford walks up to interview Vince.  Scott says that the entire world is wanting to know what is going to happen in the Contract Negotiation.  Vince says for Scott to tell them to go to Hell.

Kelly Kelly is cheesing big as she walks right into a…


We’re back and they show Kelly Kelly winning the Diva’s title.  Melina is already in the ring, but the Bellas are on commentary. Ugh. Kelly’s music hits and she comes out to the insult of the the Bellas.

Kelly Kelly vs Melina

Bell rings and they tie up.  Melina throws down Kelly and starts kneeing her in the back.  Melina crosses Kelly’s arms in a choke like submission.  Kelly fights out and clotheslines Melina.  She whips Melina into the corner before hitting the cartwheel into the elbow in the corner.  She then hits Melina with the stink face, which the Bellas say stinks.  Kelly hits Melina with a neckbreaker for a two.  Melina runs off the ropes to kick Kelly in the face but misses and Kelly hits the K2 for the win.

Winner:  Kelly Kelly

The Bellas grab the mic and enter the ring.  They say that Kelly should actually eat some.  They say she needs Proactiv and says that Kelly is a mal-nutured nightmare.  Eve runs out to save Kelly and throws off one of the Bellas but the other hits a faceplant on Eve and they leave.  Kelly Kelly and Eve remain in the ring layed out.

The Miz is walking and knocks a poor guy right into a…


They recap last week’s A-Ry win and Miz’s attack on Riley.  Awesome and out comes Miz wearing his I’m Awesome baseball shirt.  There are ladders set-up all around the ringside with one in the middle.  Miz climbs the ladder with a mic.  He says that there is no better view than standing up there looking down at everyone down there.  He said he is used to being the top.  Miz knows what it is like to take this path to becoming the WWE Champion.  He says he has been there that way unlike everyone else in the match.  Miz says he knows what it is like to be champion and that everyone else will know that.  He says that this is where the future happens and that he is the future.  He says that every pretender in this match Sunday will know why he’s… Swagger’s music hits.  Swagger says that A-Ry must have hit him in the head too hard.  He says that he also won using that briefcase.  Miz says Really?  Really? World Champion? Really x4? Miz says if someone cashes in and no one remembers it did it happen?  Evan Bourne comes out and says that no one cares what they did, they care that he’s going to go Airbourne and win MITB.  Kofi appreciates their confidence, but this is just talk.  Kofi says it is an 8 man match that everyone puts everything on the line just to get a chance at the most prestigious title in the WWE.  Kofi says anyone can win and if he wins it is because of what he does in the ring Sunday.  Kofi says Edge retired because of matches like this.  R-Truth comes out and says Surprise Surprise Surprise and that the conspiracy continues.  Two weeks ago Truth beat Cena.  The Truth threw Cena through a table and that all the Little Jimmys saw it.  Now he’s supposed to climb a ladder and grab a briefcase.  Truth says he has acrophobia.. the fear of spiders… but he means he’s afraid of heights… but he says there have better be no spiders on the ladder come Sunday.  Truth says the briefcase better not have a spider in it or that briefcase is gonna get got.  Riley’s music hits and he charges to the ring to attack Miz.  Del Rio’s music hits and out comes ADR in another awesome car.  ADR says he shouldn’t even be in the MITB match because he beat Rey Mysterio for the #1 Contendership.  He asks why is it Punk vs Cena?  He says it’s because Cena is scared of him.  In 6 days, he will teach everyone a lesson, a lesson for destiny.

The G-Mail goes off.  Cole says since they have 6 of the combatants in the ring, let’s have a match.  Miz/Swagger/Truth vs Bourne/Riley/Kofi.  Starts now!


We’re back and Swagger has Bourne down.  Swagger tags out to Miz and Miz kicks Bourne in the face and gets a two count.  Miz tags into Truth who punches Bourne in the side.  Truth hits a dance move into a high leg drop for a two.  He locks a headlock in on Bourne.  Bourne tries to fight back to his corner but Truth blocks that.  He forward slams Bourne down right on his head.  Truth locks another guillotine lock on Bourne as he fights to tag out, but Truth hits the Osaka Street Cutter for a two.  Truth goes for the leg scissors but Bourne moves and knees him in the face.  Kofi comes in to some high impact kicks and slaps.  He hits the Boom Drop and sets up for the Trouble In Paradise.  Truth gets up thanks to a distraction from Swagger.  Kofi hits the kick in the corner and hits a HUGE crossbody from the top rope.  Miz breaks up the count.  Truth awkwardly clotheslines Kofi outside of the ring into a…


We’re back and Miz elbows Kofi down into a two.  Miz tags out to Truth and they double suplex Kofi for a two.  Truth locks Kofi in a triangle lock.  Truth tags out to Swagger but Kofi beats up everyone but he then double DDTs Swagger and Truth.  Kofi goes for a tag and in comes Riley who spears Swagger. He then hits a big spinebuster on Swagger.  He hits Miz, but pandemonium ensues.  Riley hits the DDT on Swagger for the three.

Winners: Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne

Miz hits Riley with the SCF, Kofi kicks out Miz, Truth knocks down Kofi, and Evan Bourne  knocks down Truth.  Del Rio knocks EVERYONE down with the ladder and points at the briefcase above the ring.

They show a recap of what happened last week regarding Vince and Cena.

Dolph’s music hits and Drew is mad but he’s coming out to the ring with him.  Next they fight Big Show.


We’re back and the Big Show’s music hits.  He has a new shirt and it says W.M.D.

Big Show vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Dolph blind tags Drew in and Show starts pummeling Drew with punches to the ribs and back.  He slams Drew down and Big Show throws McIntyre over the ropes.  He goes outside and throws him into the barricade.  Drew goes to leave, but Show tackles Drew and pounds on him some more.  The ref counts them out.

Winner:  Double Count-Out

Big Show continues the punishment by throwing Drew into the big WWE logo on the entrance way.  Big Show goes to chokeslam Drew off of the side of the stage, but Mark Henry tackles him out of nowhere knocking both of them down off of the side of the stage.


We’re back and Henry is just now hobbling out from the ‘fall’.  The announcers take this time to recap ADR taking everyone out with the ladder.  And then a preview of all of the nasty bumps from past MITB matches. Next they show all of the matchups for this Sunday. Punk vs Cena, the Raw MITB, the SD MITB, and Orton vs Christian.  Vince and Punk are walking straight towards a…


We’re back and Vince teases coming out, but he keeps going back when he receives no response. Finally he comes out and struts on down to the ring pointing at a Zack Ryder sign on the way down.  Vince walks right past Cole with a look of disdain and shakes Mr. Cena Sr’s hand at ringside.  A table with two chairs are set-up in the ring. This looks familiar.  Vince says he isn’t joining any KMA club of Punk’s.  Vince says he could never do anything like that.  Vince says that contracts should not be negotiated in public.  But regardless here we are.  He asks CM Punk to come out while dwelling on what CM stands for.  Punk’s music hits and he walks out to the Vince Strut and heads to the ring.  Vince goes for a handshake but Punk just glares at him.  Vince says that he’ll think Punk will find everything in the contract.  He says Punk’s lawyers have been through the contract a few times.  Punk says let’s hear it for Vince.  Punk says that Vince  is actually going through with this despite being so Pro-Cena.  Punk can tell that Vince doesn’t have faith in Cena.  Vince said he couldn’t live with himself if Punk just happened to win this Sunday on his last night.  He asks if he can call him Phil.  Phil is CM Punk’s name?  Punk says his lawyers looked over the contract and that he has a new one.  Punk says there are some new perks.  Perk 1:  Punk can push Vince.  Punk says he’ll kick Vince in the nuts and he’ll show him some respect.   Provision 1:  Punk wants his own jet.  He says Vince’s smells so he wants a different one.  Provision 2:  Punk wants his face everywhere.  Provision 3:  He wants the WWE Ice Cream Bars back.  Punk says he just made him a million dollars on Ice Cream sales.  Provision 4:  He wants his own movie.  The Chaperone 2 and it’ll be funny.  Provision 5:  Punk wants his match to go on after the Rock/Cena match at WrestleMania.  Provision 6:  Vince must apologize to Punk for suspending him last week.  And then he must apologize to the WWE Universe for being a bully despite the Anti-Bully campaign.  A CM Punk chant starts.  Punk says he has had friends be fired because Vince can’t see what makes a SuperStar in 2011.  He wants an apology for Colt Cabana and Luke Gallows.  He says he is the Voice of the Voiceless.  Vince tells him to settle down.  Punk asks the audience if they should be gentlemen or apologize?  Punk says sign the contract and apologize and further the company any further embarrassment.  Vince says he doesn’t give a damn what the crowd wants.  Punk says that’s the problem and that he wants what the WWE Universe wants.  He thinks Boston wants an apology.  Vince says he’s sorry.  Punk says what?  Vince says he’s sorry.  Punk says what?  Vince glares at Punk and says he apologizes you sonofabitch.  Punk says he just won the world series because Vince apologized to him.  Punk sits on the top rope. He tells Vince to hurry up and sign it before WWE stock goes down some more.  There is a Colt Cabana chant… Cena’s music hits. Cena enters the ring and says that the fans love him but he shouldn’t sign that contract because Punk is a terrorist. Cena says they are acting like kids.  Cena says he wants to rip Vince’s face off and make it a doormat that he whips his dirty shoes on and have his dog poop on it.  Cena says when they don’t see eye-to-eye it doesn’t matter because the Universe pays a lot of money to see him.  Cena asks them if they want to hear an apology and then he is leaving?  He then mentions Rock leaving after saying he was staying.  Cena says that Punk is himself but that’s his biggest flaw.  Punk says he hasn’t lost his sight and that Cena has.  Punk says he doesn’t fit a certain mold.  He says he is the underdog.  He says that he isn’t the kid that couldn’t hang.  Punk says he was the kid hanging off of the side of his car WrestleMania 22 holding a phony Tommy Gun.  Punk says he pictured himself being in the ring standing tall with Cena going down.  He says Sunday they’ll be in Chicago and that Cena has lost sight.  Punk tells him that Cena has lost sight and that Cena isn’t the underdog neither is Bruins, Celtics, etc.  He tells Cena that he is the man and that he isn’t the underdog and that Cena has become what he hates… the New York Yankees.  Cena socks Punk and Punk rolls out.  He walks up to the top of the ramp and sits Indian style.  Punk says he’s tired of Cena, just tired.  He says say goodbye to John Cena, to the WWE Title, and say goodbye to CM Punk.  He rips up the contract and does the You Can’t See Me taunt.  Cena and Punk glare at one another as the credits roll.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.