Damages Episode 4-2 Review: I’ve Done Way Too Much for This Girl

While the season premiere last week had its fill of deception, “I’ve Done Way Too Much for This Girl” is the episode where the wheels start churning and you tell yourself, “Damages is back.” Boorman manages to get Chris to Afghanistan, separating him from Ellen, through some underhanded tactics, a cooked up story about a mullah going after Chris. Boorman is clearly a bad guy, willing to kidnap and torture a poor Afghani immigrant to solidify the story, and Erickson isn’t too bad yet. Yes, he wants to keep the company clean, but he explicitly tells Boorman not to hurt anyone and is upset when he learns of the psychiatrist’s death. However, he seems to realize that getting dirty and doing potentially illegal things are within the boundaries.

One of the interesting twists of the episode is how Ellen and Patti eventually team up once again to take down High Star. Ellen doesn’t want to reach out to Patti and owe her anything–unless Patti reaches out herself–so Ellen concocts a situation so Patti will offer help. She takes the High Star case on her own and while eating with Patti in a restaurant, some guys pound on the window to threaten her. She later orders drinks for them and it’s revealed that they are her friends. Nicely played, Ellen. I’m not too sure whether the writers should have revealed that this soon, though. It’s nice that there is definite momentum for Ellen and Patti’s plot, but the revelation possibly could have had more impact later.

Interestingly, the episode has no flashbacks until the very last scene–a grisly torture–the earliest the show has done this. But the season also has 10 episodes opposed to the usual 13, so that could explain why the writers are doing it this way.

Score: 9.0/10