Flashpoint Spoilers: Which Two Would Be Leaguers Died In Flashpoint #4?

As Flashpoint #4 brought us the action, and a case of full on war, it also brought casualties to the table.

The first came during the American’s attempt at sending the Air Force to drop the Green Arrow missile on the Amazons. The Amazon’s were waiting for them in invisible jets, an ambush. Captain Hal “Highball” Jordan is the first verified casualty.

Then, when the heroes actually assaulted the battlefield of the war, Captain Thunder was broken apart when the Enchantress betrayed the group. Separated into children, and not getting a moment to recover, Billy Batson is killed by an Amazon that runs him through from behind with a sword. Billy dies in an explosion of lightning, and presumably, so does the chances of the others turning back into Captain Thunder.

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