International Trailer For Lynne Ramsey’s We Need To Talk About Kevin Arrives

Unless you attended Cannes or are a very astute film lover you probably have no earthly idea about We Need to Talk About Kevin. Director Lynne Ramsay you could almost say is like the female equivalent of Terrence Malick. Though she hasn’t had as nearly long as a sabbatical like Malick took from the mid-’70s to the ’90s. The British director made her debut with Ratcatcher in 1999 and followed that up with Morvern Callar three years later. But between 2002 to now she didn’t make another feature. She was developing an adaptation of The Lovely Bones, but when Peter Jackson showed an interest she left the project.

But now she’s back with We Need to Talk About Kevin, an adaptation of Lionel Shriver best-seller about about a mother’s difficult relationship with her sociopathic son. This first trailer, an international teaser from France, has a look that is very reminiscent of last year’s Rabbit Hole. Tilda Swinton who stars as the mother looks to deliver what should be another standout performance for her acting resume (as if she needed any more). John C. Reilly plays the father, while Ezra Miller (of Afterschool) plays Kevin.

The film will open first in France at the end of September, before it hits the U.K. on October 21st. It won’t arrive to the U.S. until December 2nd, courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories. We Need to Talk About Kevin is already listed as part of Awards Daily Oscar Contender Tracker in the categories of Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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Source: The Playlist [via ONTD]