Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 2-1 Review

Hawaii Five-0 writers know what works with the show and they hit all the right spots in “Haʻiʻole.” There is tons of action, spectacularly directed by Steve Boyum, and the episode moves at a breakneck pace. These are the strong points of the show are they are greatly emphasize, resulting in one of the best episodes yet. On top of that, Terry O’Quinn joins the show as McGarrett’s former commander and Masi Oka gets quite a bit more to do than in the previous season. They’re great actors and are always charming on television.

As far as plot goes, McGarrett gets cleared and Five-0 is back together by the end of the episode. However, there are clearly unresolved issues as the season progresses. There is the implication that McGarrett’s father may have been involved in illicit activity and Kona is still being pursued by IA even though the rest of the team is in the safe. And then killer twist to end the episode, the revelation that Jenna is working with Wo Fat. Very unexpected and crazy.

Score: 9.2/10