What To Watch In TV This Week – Preview

The Good Wife – CBS, Sunday, September 25, 9:00pm ET

From all the promos, I’ll take a bold guess about the third season of The Good Wife: it’s going in a new direction. How’s that for taking a stand?

Boardwalk Empire – HBO, Sunday, September 25, 9:00pm ET  

At the end of the end of the first season, things had settled down between the fighting factions, as the episode title, “A Return to Normalcy,” suggests. However, it was clear to everyone watching that there were still plenty of tension underlying this normalcy. With Boardwalk Empire’s return, all these issues will be brought up once more.

Pan Am  – ABC, Sunday, September 25, 10:00pm ET  

Pan Am has been getting some of the best reviews this fall season. We’ll see how good it actually is.

Terra Nova – FOX, Monday, September 26, 8:00pmm ET

After delays and delays, Terra Nova is finally here. I’m guessing the pilot will be spectacular, with a huge budget for CGI dinosaurs. Beyond that, though, we’ll see if the writing can match up.

Hart of Dixie – CW, Monday September 26, 9:00pm ET

Hart of Dixie is predictable with all the Southern stereotypes imaginable, but Rachel Bilson sure is good.

How To Be A Gentleman – CBS, Thursday, September 29, 8:30pm ET

Another CBS multi-camera sitcom. Yay…

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