Werner Herzog to Play a Villain in Tom Cruise Vehicle One Shot

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Variety is reporting that the casting for Tom Cruise’s One Shot has gotten a bit more interesting, for lack of a better word. Documentarian Werner Herzog, who has a number of genre films to his credit, will be stepping in front of the camera for the Tom Cruise action film One Shot.

Herzog has been cast as the villain for the film, based on Lee Child’s novel of the same name in his Jack Reacher books and follows a former military cop turned drifter investigating a series of sniper killings. The Oscar-nominated Herzog will play “The Zec, an ex-prisoner of war who arranges and stages the killing and is the head of the conspiracy.”

What does this mean? With his thick accent alone Herzog would make for an interesting action villain; the best villains against American protaganists do tend to be foreigners. But Herzog isn’t known for being in front of the camera all that much; most of his credits aren’t in films that have reached American shores to a wide audience. But he does have a fairly significant amount of acting work and films with Tom Cruise in them aren’t known for shoddy casting for villains.

What do you think? Is the director a good choice for a villain? Or would you prefer someone else in the role? Let us know below.