WWE Star William Regal Gives Advice to Would Be Wrestlers

From his twitter:

Once again a few bits of advice that I posted yesterday to help anyone wanting to be a Pro Wrestler/Entertainer.It takes a lot more work to being a WWE superstar than an few Pro Wrestling holds and throws. You must develop all your skills and that usually comes from help from more experienced pro’s. I never had to be told to ask for help and guidance and never to this day stop working on my skills. Sitting round texting, playing games and whining will get you know where. No one owes you a living.

So that I don’t come across like a miserable old git (insert joke), I will happily give some free advice to up and coming Pro Wrestlers:

– Make everything you do mean something or don’t bother doing it.

– Study the greats and the people who the great ones admire.

– Get a good bar of basics and perfect them.

– Work at perfecting your skills but be honest with yourself. If there are things you don’t do well then avoid doing them.

– Try to find someone who will give you an honest answer about your skills. Most people’s ego won’t allow them to think they do things badly.

– Practice your talking skills. Use a mirror and film yourself and work on every detail, facials, eyes and mannerisms.

– Look to the world to find things that you can use to develop your character. Films, TV shows and anything else that grabs your attention.

– Learn how to read people’s emotions. This tip is invaluable. People don’t just boo or cheer. You have to learn how to make them.

– One more tip. Everyone takes ideas from others but make them your own. Try to be original. Be a one off.

That’s enough for today. Sounds simple enough but very few put those ideas into practice. Use common sense. Everything is in those tweets. Figure them out. In other words don’t be a div. I can’t hold your hand.

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