Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets: NFL Week 6 Monday Night Football Thoughts

Miami Dolphins 6 – New York Jets 24

Daniels bemoans the lack of NFL quality: The Jets were absolutely due to blow out a team.  The Dolphins are terrible.  Hence, the results.  It may just be me but, jeez does it feel like there are a whole lot of pitiful teams in the NFL this year.


But Jets fan James A Williams has more to say: Monday Night is the marquee game of the week, so when you play that night you need to bring you’re a-game. For a while neither team looked like they got the memo. Field Goals, Defensive touch downs, and terrible play calling made this seem like one of those games where 2 bad teams were going to stink up the place. Then something happened: The Jets Offensive Coordinator said “wait a sec…. Isn’t this the team that gives up the most passing yards in the league??” It was a good showing after that. The Defense had a better game then they have had in weeks, Sanchez actually scored the 1st offensive touchdown, and the run game looked okay. And the best thing about this game was the fact that Revis shut Marshall down in the red zone. It’s scary that they struggled in the 1st quarter against a 0-4 team but hey a win is a win. They have a lot of adjustments to make but they at least can say “we’re back to .500”


My Take: Okay, I’m so ready to write off the Jets.  They have as many holes as the Eagles, if not more, for a team that was meant to be a Super Bowl contender.  They can’t block for or stop the run.  Their QB might as well be a baby toy for how easy he is to rattle.  There’s no real depth for injuries.  But then I was reminded, this team looks weak every first half, only to pick up huge in the second, and they’ve had many of these holes before and fixed them mid-season (besides the baffling lack of run stoppage), and can absolutely, when at their best, compete with the best.  But it doesn’t seem like this is the year.  Yes, they lit up and destroyed Miami, but A) Miami is atrocious and B) It required Miami to be dumb enough to continually throw at Revis – the Jets best player by far.  Good teams won’t do that.  I remain a skeptic.

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