CB’s World: Taking YOUR Wrestling Pulse, Featuring Joseph Hargrove

It’s time for my exclusive interview that you’ve all been waiting for (especially Blair and FDSwayze), as I sit down with the only REAL AMERICAN ICON I know: Mr. Joseph Hargrove………


Hey Joseph: This is the interview everyone’s been waiting for, and so it’s time to give the people at Pulse Wrestling what they want!

That’s right, it’s time I took YOUR Wrestling Pulse, and so it’s also time for everyone to strap themselves in and enjoy the ride inside the mind of one of the most passionate Shaul Guerrero fans on the planet!

So, Joseph, tell me, why does WRESTLING MATTER to you?

Basically, when I first began to watch WCW in the early 90’s, I was captivated by the characters they had during that era. Flair and Sting were heading towards the end of their careers yet they still put on great matches.

Also, the wrestlers knew how to tell stories that captured the audience thus making them likable. To me, storytelling and ring generalship still play a role during the matches to this day and age in 2011.

Is there anything else you want to know about me? I’ll answer anything you can throw at me.


Oh we are just getting started Joe!

Funny how you just said Flair and Sting were approaching the end of their careers in the 1990s when they are obviously still hogging up and clogging up the spotlight in TNA in 2011. What are your thoughts on that?

Both need to go as they are part of the problem like that idiot Hogan. Matter of fact, Bischoff and Russo need to just leave with them as they killed WCW and are killing TNA.

Enough said!


Separately, we all know that you are a huge fan of the Divas / Knockouts, etc., so I’d like to know the origins of your fandom and also your full analysis of the WWE / FCW Divas and TNA Knockouts as it stands today.

Well, my origins go back to watching legends like Madusa, Manami Toyota, Akira Hokuto and the once dominant Bull Nakano throughout the 90’s so I think it started there.

Then you add Trish, Stephanie, Chyna and Lita from the golden era and the division really took off so I think the 90’s and Attitude Era divas were the best ones IMO.

As for today’s scene, WWE and FCW seem to focus on the looks but that might change fairly soon with the recent diva signings from England and Canada. They have a bright future if Creative pulls their heads out of the ground.

TNA’s Knockouts are still good but a far cry to where they started. It has to do with Hogan and Bischoff taking time away from them. It’s not a very ideal situation if you ask me.

From what I understand, Gail Kim recently returned to the company and was the inaugural Knockout singles champion so I think they might give her a big push and she will also mentor Madison Rayne to be better in the ring.

That said, I think there are brighter days ahead for the women of TNA and WWE. We’ll see what happens.


I definitely appreciate your passion Mr. Hargrove.

Now tell me, approximately how many live wrestling events do you attend each year, and what are your five favorite live event moments, either in-ring moments or backstage interactions?

Also, where will Joseph Hargrove go next for his wrestling fix?

1. My favorite one is the hilarity that ensued at the previous SHIMMER DVD tapings earlier this month. Ayako Hamada and Cheerleader Melissa came to my table for a discussion which went quite well due to their sense of humor.

Ayako spoke decent English but Melissa had the wrong translations which made it even more hilarious. Awesome night for me to meet the Future Legend and the Queen of Joshi. That’s all I have to say on that show.

2. DX 4th of July 2006: One of the best RAW shows since the week of WM20 in MSG. A lot of crazy things went down such as exploding limos and of course the rooster stunt they pulled with Vince was hysterical as I laughed in my seat.

3. Starrcade 1996: My favorite PPV from WCW in the 90’s which of course happened to feature the legendary masked marvel known as Ultimo Dragon who at the time was the IWGP J-Crown Cruiserweight champion. He is still great!

4. TNA: As you know, January 4, 2010 was a historic night with Hulk Hogan’s debut but the real show began when you guessed it, Taylor and Sarita provided me some excitement with a vailant effort vs. Kong and Hamada. Sadly, it wasn’t enough for them to retain the KO tag titles.

5. SummerSlam 1992: Bret vs. Bulldog for the IC Title. London’s Wembley Stadium went nuts when Davey Boy himself came out with Lennox Lewis. One of the most awesome sights I had seen at the time.

The match itself was absolutely incredible. Fans got into it and of course Bulldog wins the belt to make his countrymen happy. I felt bad for the rest of the Harts though.

As for future events, where I’ll be going will most likely be the big Joshimania event CHIKARA is having in the month of December. Aja Kong, Toshie Uematsu and the legend herself Manami Toyota will be some of the names featured on that event so it should be a great time for me.

Next Question!!!


That’s awesome that you can be so well-traveled Joe, you are like the Uncle Traveling Matt or the Carmen San Diego of Pulse Wrestling readers — Where in the world is Mr. Joseph Hargrove <--- it's catchy and it fits! Moving on, what are your thoughts on the state of WWE right now? Most particularly, how do you feel about the two big main event stories that have gripped Raw and SmackDown! recently, the walkout leading to Johnny Ace as Interim GM, and Mark Henry's push? Also, how do you feel about the following items specifically: --how CM Punk has been booked since MITB --Del Rio as WWE Champion --Zack Ryder's push and feud with Ziggler and Co. --Daniel Bryan's losing streak --the Sisters of Salvation vs. K2 and Eve --David Otunga's bow ties

John Laurinatis: Honestly, he is dull as dirt but there is a good reason he is where he is. The guy does decent with what he’s given and he is Road Warrior Animal’s brother so obviously he’s doing something right to keep his job.

Main event: Not happy about how the walkout angle was to be honest as it was a waste of time. As for Mark Henry, he is doing great with this major push and the best part is that there is more to come in the future.

CM Punk: Since MITB, I think his push has slowed due to Triple H but I don’t think he’ll be out of the WWE title picture because unlike Cena, he can do other things aside from challenging for the title on a regular basis. He’ll be fine.

Daniel Bryan: You knew it was only a matter of time before something went wrong with Bryan. Winning MITB might be a curse if recent events tell you anything. As for his world title chances, he still can make it but it’s not looking good.

Ryder/Ziggler: I think Ryder deserves all the time he’s just starting to get for once. From being an Edgehead to having the best webshow on the internet, he’s come a long way.

As for the feud, it has been solid especially when you consider the numbers advantage Ziggler has with Swagger and Vickie usually in attendance so that might eventually come back to bite Ryder in the butt. Ryder’s set if Creative keeps up the good work though.

Del Rio as champ: I think it’s a great decision to put ADR at the top because he’s a great all around wrestler that can string the crowd along for however long he wants and the PG losers wouldn’t realize they’re being fooled.

SOS/K2 and Eve: I liked this feud when it started because we knew that it would lead to some changing of the guard but it has gotten a bit stale since then.

See, Kelly’s not good in the ring or on the mic. Eve is the best all around diva and could definitely pull off a classy rich girl gimmick if WWE pulls the trigger on the heel turn.

As for SOS, Beth and Nattie are getting better on the mic but their abilities in the ring are the best part about them and I see the duo lasting until WM28 where we get our dream match: Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix. Dream Match!

Lastly, Bow ties have more personality than Otunga and the fact that he can’t sign a prenuptial agreement is a bit of a joke if you ask me. I think you got the reference though.

Next Question and make it a good one this time.


I love the fire Hargrove! It’s actually time for the lightning round, so here goes nothing:

–favorite ring entrance of all-time

–favorite theme song of all time

–favorite finishing move, both today and all-time

–favorite storyline of all-time

–favorite tag team of all-time

–if you could meet any wrestler from any era, who would you choose to meet with and why?

–wild card: pick any three wrestlers we haven’t covered, and give me your thoughts

Favorite Entrance: HBK from Wrestlemania 12

Favorite Theme Songs: Triple H’s My Time or Hulk Hogan’s Real American.

Favorite Storyline: Austin/McMahon from 1998-1999 or the NWO invasion and storyline.

Favorite Finishers: All time would be the devastating Air Raid Crash from Cheerleader Melissa along with her mentor, the Joshi icon Mariko Yoshida. I call it “Legend Driver” in honor of Melissa’s name the Future Legend.

Current finishers are the Asai DDT which is AJ Lee’s and the other would be the CrossRhodes named after the current IC champ Cody Rhodes.

Favorite Tag Team all-time: LOD and Demolition because of their smash mouth style and tough guy attitudes. Not the type of guys I wanted to deal with at the time. Two of the most dominant teams in the history of wrestling.

Who I would like to meet: Bruno Sammartino or Verne Gagne because they were two of the most recognizable names during the 50’s and 60’s and it would be a huge honor for me to share time with the two Hall of Famers.

Wild Card: Jushin Liger is one of the greatest names in all of Japan and helped invent the now famous crusierweight style of wrestling during his career throughout Japan and the U.S. The most popular name in New Japan.

Lou Thesz: A true Hall of Famer and the man who made the NWA World Title what it is today. A lot of people should also thank you for the gift of his famous Thesz Press. One of the most influential names in this great sport.

Giant Baba: The Japanese version of Hulk Hogan and the man who brought us All Japan Pro Wrestling. One of the most dominant figures in this sport aside from Andre the Giant. True legend of Puroresu much like Antonio Inoki.

Is that all, CB?


It’s not over yet Joe, we still have one last piece of business. First things first, on behalf of myself and all of the writers here at Pulse Wrestling, I want to thank you for all of your comments over the past few months. And, thank you for letting me take YOUR wrestling pulse.

Now, the forum is all yours. Do you have any final thoughts?

Yes, I want to thank you, M.C. Brown, Blair Douglas and the beautiful Kelly Floyd because when I first came onto the site I was considered an unknown outsider to most of the writers on Inside Pulse. All four of you have shown me respect and that’s all I really can ask for. Thank You.

I leave you with these words: Diamonds are forever and so is JHH. Woooooo!

Thank you for the interview and if there are any other good questions you’re willing to ask, feel free to email me cause I’m not that hard to find as you well know.

Cheers CB! Gracias, mi amigo and adios!


CB’s Take: In all honesty, Joseph Hargrove is a one of a kind character whose passion for pro wrestling was already clearly evident in the plethora of comments he posts, and this interview further cements that fact.

I’ve never met anyone more into women’s wrestling, and it’s a really refreshing perspective from where I sit because almost everyone else know who watches Raw, SmackDown! or Impact uses Divas and Knockouts matches for bathroom breaks and/or comic relief.

I’m not saying that WWE or TNA depicts these women at their best, and I’ve been extremely critical of many Diva/Knockout storylines. But here we have Mr. Hargrove, reeling off the likes of Cheerleader Melissa, Mariko Yoshida, and freakin’ A.J. Lee as those wrestlers with the best finishing moves. It’s an opinion that is equally fascinating and heartfelt from Joseph, and it’s always interesting for me to see someone else’s side of the coin.

Respect, Joseph. Respect…


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That’s all from me — CB.

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